Friday, 1 March 2013

Handbag and Vanity Case and a little story!

Really getting into girly miniatures (girly pics below), while starting to panic im posting them to a witch and wizard blog.

Anyway, a little bit about me today!

For years I've been making miniatures, but i didnt start making them because it was something that interested me. I kind of just fell into it by mistake after buying fimo for my children when the eldest was around 8 and the youngest child was 2 or 3... perhaps younger... maths is not my strong point!
For quite some time i had just an ice-cream tub full of my clay and tools with the belief my supplies would not expand out of that box. Many years later i could probably fill several dozen cupboards and still need more room.
Many times ive given up on miniatures and given everything away, sold all my stock and moved on to new stuff, but the miniatures have always drawn me back. I've sewn and felted, painted and just about done every other craft.... and for some reason i got into spinning for quite some time. Once i mastered the spinning i soon grew bored and so the minis supply building started again, alongside making for sale..... again!
Then there is the internet which makes me see new stuff all the time and i long to make everything i see and do new crafts just discovered, but in my head im always thinking no i cant do that, i need to make witchy miniatures and so thats what ive always done.
So i fell into it by accident and for many years and this may shock you ive not really liked miniatures, nor did i have a strong love for them. Its always been a kind of love hate relationship with them.
Until just recently that love hate relationship stopped, and ive grown to love anything miniature with a passion, admiring work by many artists i didnt appreciate in the past nor have any interest in. Ive grown to love all areas of miniatures and cant fathom why its taken me so long considering ive been making them for such a long time. So now i love everything and want to dabble here and there and try new things.... but theres so much!
So if one day i make something shabby, the next witchy, the next fairy, the next Victorian or steampunk... modern... food..... im sorry if i confuse you as to what i actually make and why i post them all to a witch and wizard blog. Its just the way i now want to work.

So here is my girly makes for today.


  1. aww *___*
    I love your works <3

  2. Its good, to make what you want to, Nikki. I'm trying new minis, that are totally out of my comfort zone and I'm surprising

  3. I love all of your creations Nikki and I think it's your blog and you can post whatever you like and whenever you like-who cares if it's witchy or not. I think it is great that you are enjoying minis now and I hope they continue to bring you joy. Your hat boxes are adorable ♥

  4. I've always loved all of the work that you do Nikki and variety is always refreshing! Like you, I'm always so enthusiastic and enthralled by all of the amazing art and techniques that I'm very often going in many different directions. AND I think it's a healthy thing. So, keep doing what you're doing and have fun!... because after all, isn't that what it's all about. ;-)
    ~ Deb

  5. que bonitas!!!!


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