Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bed for Brambly.

For the last 2 days ive been making a bed for my own Brambly house. Its still not finished but slowly getting there!
I need to make the headboard with a heart carved out and again for the bottom end of the bed. Plus need to make the wood surround for the top and a few more cushions.
Ive not done any sewing apart from a running stitch which has been removed just to get the curtains right.
There will be a wood surround at the top as seen in the books. This will all go on with ease im sure.
At the top when i have finished the wood surround there will be jars of jam, the odd apple, teddies and things like that which the two mice have stashed away.
Ive worked on this bed for two days solid and couldnt be happier with it so far. Want to make as much as possible for my Brambly house or adapt stuff i buy.
It amazes me the base for this bed is just a box i made and a few bits of wood. Must go sort uniforms now lol... been playing too long!

When i'm further along will post photos of the completed bed.


  1. Congratulations and thank you for your explications.
    Your bed is wonderful.

  2. Your bed is lovely - cannot believe you've not sewn the quilt !

  3. Love how you've made the quilt Nikki...

  4. Hi, Your bed looks terrific! Well done. Clever idea for the quilt.
    Regards Janine

  5. Your bed looks fabulous and I cannot believe you have made that tiny patchwork quilt without any sewing, you are a genius!

  6. It looks beautiful, sure the mice will love it.

  7. Very good idea for the quilt! A lovely bed, for mouse or human :)

  8. una cama preciosa



  9. Increible, pero que bonita te queó!!!! y claro... en las fotos parece facil peroooo no lo es!!!! felicidades!!!

  10. It looks so amazing- if I were a tiny mouse I could not resist cuddling up!! :)

  11. Какая прелесть! Замечательная идея - одеяло из кусочков.
    Спасибо за урок! Ну очень, очень красиво!

  12. Wow it looks amazing!! I love the fabrics you put together! hugs, Ara


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