Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Minis in my shop

Just added some new 1:12 miniatures to my shop. 

Over the next few days will add other miniatures. I have some stacking boxes that will be kits to decorate as you choose to become hat boxes or simply for stacking. Plus some witch hat box kits.

Here is a little preview of the types of kits I am creating. There will be fabric and all the trimmings included in each kit and you can pick your colour scheme. I see stacking/hat box kits online but they come flat and you have to make the actual box yourself. I know some people struggle to get them right and sometimes the lids dont fit once decorated. Ive made the lids just big enough to allow for fabric and decoration so you end up with the perfect fit.

The stacking boxes open. Suitable for a primitive, witch/wizard or Halloween setting.

I made these from card! I'm shocked at that because they look just like real wood.
Plan to make more of these too in various shapes and sizes and not just baskets.

These are the colours of the famous wizard candy shop. The cupcakes are sooooooo tall!

Stacking Boxes - Pink and pretty!


  1. preciosas¡ las cajas increibles y las cestas parecen de madera¡ estoy alucinando con su trabajo¡ es increible¡

  2. unos kits preciosos, las cestas son increibles y los dulces geniales , buen trabajo



  3. Ohh your boxes indeed would look great in a witch or wizard's place including the cupcakes. I love the height!


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