Thursday, 8 November 2012

Brooms and Shrooms in my Etsy Shop

I just added three 1:12 brooms to my Etsy shop

With Maple leaves attached that i have hand painted, and my own handmade mushroom with a mossy base.
The broom handle can be shaped as desired. I like it wonky, but it can be made straight.
The bristled have been stiffened and will keep their shape perfectly. The leaves have been stiffened too to keep their shape.

Made from natural materials for the bristles, metal, paper, acrylics, white glue, polymers, faux moss and soil.

Here's my etsy link

Nikki xxx


  1. You do a wonderful job on your miniatures. I'm craving a way to use them so I can get some. I'll work on it.

  2. Loves these but then again...I love all of your work.



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