Tuesday, 29 November 2011

New Mini's to add to my Etsy shop tomorrow evening.

I managed to make a few mini's last week which i will add to my etsy shop tomorrow evening (Wednesday). Will add to my shop around 7pm UK time.

There is kind of a fairy theme happening here, i didnt realise until i took the photos that ive kind of gone fairy mad recently.

I still have 2 mandrake tables to add to these complete photos, which are a smaller scale than normal. Will add a photo of them at the end when they are in their first stage. They are much further along and just need to add the mandrake now. Plus will add 3 1;12 scale mandrake crates too.

All of these are 1:12 scale.

Fairy baskets, available in sets of 3 as shown.

Acorn birdhouse. Made from real acorn caps and prosculpt clay.

Floor standing candlestick.

Floor standing candlestick.

Table candlestick.

 4 Mandrakes.

Pentacle wreath with Ivy leaves.

Pentacle wreath.

Floor standing Candlestick.

Table Candlestick.

Fairy couture.

Fairy Couture.

Fairy Mushroom, available in sets of 3 as shown.

There are 1;24 mandrake table and further along than the photo is showing. Will be available later this week (maybe early next week) alongside the 1:12 mandrake crates, a witch broom, and some fairy wands.


  1. Beautiful work as always Nikki!


  2. Oh no, my wallet is in BIG trouble!!!! I want one of the mandrakes for the HP artist's box I'm making my younger DD and the blue fairy couture for my eldest DD - those are the colors for her Sweet 16th!!!!

    You are so talented!


  3. I especially love the candlesticks,totally unique and out there


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