Sunday, 23 October 2011

New mini's to go in my etsy shop

Will be adding a few items to my Etsy shop today at 9pm Uk time. Its not a lot, but includes, 3 face mushrooms in pots, 3 mandrakes in mossy pots (buckets and watering cans), a broom (ladybird), 2 sets of pumpkins (one fairytale style set), 11 pumpkin pots with faces, 3 bird pumpkin houses (another 2 to add during the week), and 2 pumpkins on sticks. Not had a lot of time to get all i've started finished this week so hoping to add further mini's later next week.... if i get the chance to finish them.
Will pop back late afternoon and add photos. Heres the mushrooms for now before they were painted.

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