Friday, 28 October 2011

A few new minis in my etsy shop today.

I have added a few new mini's and some pendants to my etsy shop today.

Im busy working on some new mushrooms and mandrakes from tomorrow, and hope to be able to add them to my shop late next week.

Heres what is new in my shop.

3 Fairytale Pumpkins

Moon Face Pendant for a necklace

Floral pendant for a necklace

Moon Pendant for a necklace.

3 Golden Fairytale Pumpkins - a light wash of gold to add some sparkle.

5 Fairytale Pumpkins

Ive also been practising sculpting. This lady needs some elf ears hair and a hat and will become a brooch or necklace pendant.

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  1. I really love your pumpkins, the twisty stems make them really fairytale. I also think your sculpted lady is amazing. I wish I could sculpt half as well as that


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