Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fairy House Tile.

Im kind of addicted to making tiles and plaques at the moment and so today started this one. Lots to do still and then lots of painting. Once i finish this tile, i plan to back it onto a sqaure tile, then frame whats here with pebbles and such all made from clay too. I think its going to be lovely! The pebbles will be kind of like those showing in the previous post.

Talking of the previous post ive had a few requests to make the mushroom plaques in miniature, and promise i will get round to them once ive finished this one.

Heres the fairy house so far.... lots to do still

Nikki xxx


  1. What a great new tile,love the idea of a mushroom house! Curious waiting for the plaques in miniature ;-).Jeannette x

  2. Nikki you should make house number tiles like this, they are gorgeous. Id love to hang one outside the house, but I guess it depends on whether theyd be weather proof! Kate xxx

  3. Really lovely!

    The idea with house number tiles is not bad - in miniature :-)

    Loved the one from the post before as well....

    Nice you are making Minis again, welcome back!

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  5. Ooooooooooooo cool! Loving your mushroom theme!

  6. wow, that is just amazing! thank you for sharing your work :)


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