Saturday, 5 March 2011

Julies Giant on Etsy!

My friend Julie Campbell from Bellabelle Dolls has just listed Wilbur the Friendly Giant in her Etsy shop. Here is the link:

Ive seen Wilbur in person and he really is an amazing giant and hope he goes to a good home. He is a 1:12 miniature and is to scale even though he is a giant miniature. Good luck with your sale Julie!

Julie is also a member of IGMA and gained the Artisan status in 2009.
Here's what Julie has to say about him.

Wilbur is a friendly Giant, with a very loveable face ! He is 13 inches tall and sculpted from polymer clay. He has poseable limbs and is dressed in cotton and leather hand sewn clothing.
Wilbur has been painted with genesis heat set oils for permanence.
Truly one of a kind, Wilbur will not be repeated and no molds were made or used during his creation.


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  1. Ive seen him in person too, he is so incredible, such a gentle face!! xxx


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