Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Children In Need Auction by Julia. Learning with books too. Thank you Kat!

Charity Auction
Julia at currently has a charity auction for children in need on ebay.
Here is the link to the auction
The auction ends 19 Nov 2010 at 19:55 GMTAnd here is the beautiful chair and bear!
Good luck Julia with your auction. The whole amount raised will be given to children in need. Here is a link to children in need:

Thank you!
Kat the Hat at sent me some wonderful items to use on my books. I love the frog and will try and make a slimed frog book. The spiders i can use like some of the books showing in previous posts, and add a nice sparkly gem to the centre. Thank you Kat! xxx
I'll use the cogs and watch parts for some steampunk books and also for something else i have planned... may work, may not, lol!!!

The Learning Part.
Ive also been busy learning to make books. This one showing here took me six hours to get right. Ive not made much, but enjoying learning how. Hopefully now i am more in the know and able to work a bit quicker will be able to have some available for sale soon.
This one doesn't open, although I'll try and make some that do... hopefully... fingers and toes crossed!


  1. I have the frog charm as well. Love to see what you make with it.... slimed frog book sounds icky!!!
    Maybe I'll WW it. ROFLM
    hugs Karin

  2. Come on people! I am the highest bidder in Jules' charity auction...surely we can do better than that!!

    I love it, Karin! From now on, whenever I want to "copy" something, I'm going to say I'm "witchy wondering" it! hahahaha. Great idea!

    Nice books, I said on the FB ;o)

  3. love the detail on the spine, and the texture of the covering :o) the details can be appreciated much more when you click the picture to make it bigger. Like I said on f/b... you clever thing you! x

  4. Your charms from Kat and your book are lovely Nikki and I am looking forward to seeing a slimed frog book too...eew!!

    Thank you for the link to my auction, it's very much appreciated :)

    Julia xxxx

  5. Beautiful craftgirlship on the books. I haven't had a single moment to try your technique. I am quite sure it will take lots of trying this and that to get it looking as good as yours! Plus, I only have a 1/24 scale book case to put them in. Could be interesting.

  6. Kats parcels are a delight, always so many goodies, so many unusual bits and pieces and I cant wait to see what you do with it all! The book.....well just fab, looks leather to me! I got my page fillers today too so lets see what I can come up with, I need a kick up the arse to get a move on! Kate xxx

  7. so awesome of you to do this.

  8. oh i forgot to mention - i checked out Kate Rusby and will DEFINITELY put something of hers on my blog soon. thanks for the tip, she's spectacular.

  9. Excellent work on the book, Nikki!
    xxx Glenda

  10. Mike, you might also like this lady. Laura Marling. This is with Johnny Flynn and Marling - he's so gorgeous... drop dead! - Marling
    feature=related - Marling - Johnny Flynn - Flynn

  11. Beautiful book! LOve it! You are a fast learner Nikki! :D

  12. Suas arte são lindas adoro estar sempre por aqui. Os pingentes de estrela e lua são belissímos. Beijos de sol para te iluminar

  13. Miniatures books were always one of my favourits and the ones that you are making are wonderful looking!!! Can't wait to see more... :-)

  14. I love it to make books too. These are beautiful!! You`ve done a great work!!

  15. Book is beautful Nikki :-) If you need any more clock parts just let me know ;-) xxx


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