Thursday, 25 November 2010

Been felting again!

Instead of doing the gardening yesteday as planned, lol, i tried to make another nuno scarf, but this time so the nuno effect would be scattered here and there throughout the scarf in little patches. I used too much wool and lost what i wanted, but it's still a nice scarf and more than happy with the colour and texture.
I did however get the length right. I wanted this to be a short scarft worn held together with a brooch. Now it's complete i think a felted flower brooch would be most suited, so will make that later today.
Here's a link to my fleting blog so you can see the nuno scarf i made earlier this year.


  1. Great scarf! I really like it the colour and texture looks wonderful, looking forward how the brooch will look like!

  2. Beautiful and with this cold weather just the thing :-). You will have to make me a goth one in the new year when I have some spare cash ;-).

  3. Very nice Nikki. I love the witchy orange. You are really getting good at felting!

  4. Beautiful Colours Nikki. Reminds me of Autumn xxx

  5. Thank you!

    Kat, i did try and make you one last night but it didnt work and is now a bag that has also gone wrong. I need to now get more black merino and some more fibres to mix with black to have another go. If i succeed then it will be a present for you. I promised debbie a blue one and doreen a lilac one. Im going to try for the lilac this evening because i know i have lots of purples.

  6. It's lovely Nikki. Great colours :)
    Julia xx

  7. Lovely texture and colour!
    You're inspiring me to try felting! :)

  8. wow that is fantastic! i've never seen anything quite like it. very nice for Autumn, too.


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