Thursday, 28 October 2010

Unable to sleep!

I'm up at 2am (common nightly event for me).
Yesterday and today i wondered what everyone was going on about congratulating me on having a blog of note. Silly me thought they were just being nice.
Anyway, did some searching and found there is a reason to this and so here's the answer. Thank you blogger for adding me!
I live in my own little bubble unaware of things going on out there and don't go much further than reading the blogs on my own blog list, my email and facebook.
Anyway, while at the site above i discovered blogger have their own blog and other blogs connected to them as follows.
Perhaps you all aready know about these sites, but thought i'd still share.

Blogger Status for finding out about current daily blogger issues:

Bloggers main blog for finding out anything new happening and and updates on features etc - You cant leave comments there however:

Known Issues - somewhat complicated and I'm too lazy to worry but here it is anyway:

Vote for product ideas/suggestions etc:

Blogs of note - A place to go for the daily blog of note and archive:

Blogger on twitter - I don't twitter:

Hope the links are useful.

Nikki xxx


  1. Ohhh dear....not being able to sleep. I so understand that one. My issue is because I'm getting old..ok ok oldER!!!! You are to young for that so I hope you can get to bed early and rest...tomorrow!! If you are like me...tomorrow never seems to come..LOL!! Congrats on the B thing too...I will have to go check it out as I'm one that stays in her lil bubble too. ^_^


  2. I must say congratulations on getting on Blogs of note. I find your blog very interesting and different. Keep it up!


  3. Congrats Nikki! You deserve it.

  4. Congratulations Nikki. It is well deserved :)
    Un beso

  5. Congrats on blog of note, glad they posted you on there otherwise I may not have found you. Love your miniatures, they are amazing. You are very gifted.

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  7. Thanks for these links.

    Congrats on making Blog of Note!

  8. I'm new to blogging and thought I'd have a look at a "blog of note", which happened to be yours. It looks good :o) Congratulations!

  9. I had no idea what blog of note was! I've never heard of it till now! lol Well done anyhow! :o))

    Michelle xx

  10. I've noticed that tab but never clicked on it.
    Good for you, Nikki...except I'm betting that is why you've suddenly seen a lot of that "advertising" you mentioned earlier. :-)

    We've all known you had a Noteworthy Blog for a looong time!

  11. Well done Nikki, hope however you manage to get some sleep :-) xxxx

  12. I like your blog site. Nice pics to.


    Check this out!!!

  14. Nikki, First let me say how much I truly love "little" minatures. You are so talented. Just love your stuff. Cool header too. Second, congrats on being named a blog of note and good post today. Third, please stop by my blogs when you have an extra ten minutes - Levonne's Pretty Pics and A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings. Thanks and may the force be with you!

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  16. Congrats!! Hope youve been having fun being blog of note!

  17. I found your blog on my dashboard since it's of note. You do some wicked cool stuff. Congrats!

  18. Yeah, congrats on yer blog of note.

    I love your miniatures. a great concept for a blog.

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    Congratulations for your blog.
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  20. hallo,Nikki,your blog is very good,the owls are beautiful.i am at bye bye.excuse for my english!!!!

  21. love the blog,
    follow me


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