Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Questions and Answers Blog by Susan (Tabs)

My friend Susan at has taken over the question and answer blog
The question and answer blog i created has now been fully copied over to Susan's new blog. Here is the link:
Susan has edited and copied over into several posts all the information and comments.
On Sunday a new post will be published now it's in Susan's very capable hands.
Thank you so much for taking this over Susan, and also a big thank you for saving all the info and comments and all your hard work in doing so.
You can still enter comments in the older posts, but those moved from mine are in the actual posts because it was the only way Susan could fully save what was on the old blog after the move.

Here's Susan's new blog again:

Will also publish this on the old blog and leave it there for a few days before i fully delete.


Thank you for your comment xxx