Thursday, 7 October 2010

Naughty but loved pumpkin pots. And etsy tomorrow evening too!

These pots have been so naughty, but much loved through their creation. Every single stage of making them has had it problems, could have thrown them in the bin many times but carried on determined they would come right... they did!
I wont tell you the struggles they have been through, the list is too long, but even now they are refusing to show up right on the camera... done my best!

The tallest pot with a face measures 2.2cm... just under an inch.

The tallest non face pot measures 2.4cm, and the smallest 1.3cm

Which gets me to thinking why is it in the mini world everyone uses inches for scale.
In architectural terms an inch would never be used when scaling down, it would all be done in millimeters. So the measurements above would be 22mm, 24mm and 13mm.
It really baffles me and always wonder why, maybe somebody knows the reason.
If for example i'd drawn up plans for a building and went along with inches i'd be laughed off the building site so really puzzled by it. It doesnt offer precise measurements and all the modern bulding would be all out wit nothing butting up, and sitting right with this system, lol.

Will have all these and those from yesterday available in my etsy shop tomorrow evening. Will let you know tomorrow the time.

A question? If you are in a completely different time zone to the uk, such as New Zealand or the United States can you let me know the best time for lisitng here in the UK. Im happy to list anytime and if possible will try and time listing to these two zones. Maybe find a happy medium.
Last week i had so many people from these two zones say they missed out on a few items they like because it was still somewhere in the middle of the night, too early in the morning and so on.
Im not very good with numbers (count on fingers and toes) so could you work it out and let me know in UK times.


  1. You make me smile with your pumpkins...Absolutely wonderful :)
    Much love to you too, my dear

  2. I just adore these!! Great job!!
    -Kim :)

  3. These are awesome Nikki. I just love those little faces!

  4. The pots are fabulous, they were worth all the hard work. The ones with faces do look a bundle of trouble but oh so wonderful!

    Different time zones are a nightmare, but they vary enormously so what suits one country won't suit another especially during the week as peeps work. What about only listing on Saturdays and Sundays, that way most peeps don't work on those days and then you could list different parts of the day and would suit most time zones? :o)

    Michelle xxx

  5. Brilliant as always Nikki..

  6. You make such cute stuff. You must be having fun doing it.

  7. I'm glad you persevered with the pots - they're fab!!
    About time zones - I'm in New Zealand, we are meant to be 12 hours ahead, but with the summer saving time messing with the clocks, it keeps changing in autumn and spring.
    Your timing of auctions at 8-10pm UK time has been good for me, but I don't have to go to work :) Listing on Saturday night (UK time) would be best for workers.

    Thanks for thinking of us out here - you're very considerate!
    xxx Glenda

  8. I love the camera shows them up with little red noses! Too cute! Love the little plain pots too, always that added detail that makes them so wonderful. Kate xxx

  9. Such sweet little pots. I'm in the US. Evening or afternoon postings in the UK would be great. But I also have to remember to check esty!

  10. They are sooo great, I'm glad you peservered and didn't throw them in the bin. They look very mischeaveous :0)
    Julia xx

  11. No te rindas, quiza alguna bruja no quiere que tus maravillosas calabazas con cara bonachona, lleguen hasta nosotras :):)
    Me alegro de que el maleficio se ha roto y lo has conseguido. Las narices de ellas están muy simpaticas y los colores perfectos como siempre.
    Besos Clara

  12. Peccato che hallowen in Italia non si festeggi

  13. Those little faces are adorable! =)

  14. Nikki, your pumpkin pots are wonderful! They look as if they are not very bright.... and you have been scolding them! LOL I can imagine they deserve it! What wonderful characters they are.... and I'm glad you persevered!

  15. The little pots turned out so good! I love their expressions! As far as posting times, I think weekends would give everyone more of a chance if they wanted something.

  16. I'm 11 hours ahead (i think :P ) here in Australia so tecnically....seeing as how i'm in the future.... i should beable to buy the lot before you even list it!!! lol
    i'm setting an alarm to get up at 5am for the next listing...i'm determined to get at least one thing this time :P lol :D x


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