Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pumpkins Ready!

Here's the pumpkins i'm also listing on etsy this evening as a set.
As usual i can not get the colouring to show. The top of each pumpkin is a typical pumpkin colour darkening to an orange blush towards the bottom. The grooves are darker and look grimey.
I've held back with going any bigger before i ask your opinion if twice this size would work for witches gardens and similar scenes. What do you think?
I know there can be pumpkins bigger than a fully grown adult in the real world, but would this just look wrong in a miniature setting?
Anyway, these ones will really stand out in a 1:12 garden setting and seem big enough, for now......
Ive placed them next to a UK 2p which measures 2.6 cm.


  1. I love these, they do look as though they could still be growing! Fabulous detailing on the groves and I like the colour too! I hope you make lots of this type! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. P.S some genus of pumpkins have the capacity to grow huge as big as a child and more!!! lol I think they work in 1/12th scale if one has a garden or they would look great stacked outside a cottage (bit like how Hagrid has them in Harry Potter). ;o))

    Michelle xxxx

  3. Think i'll be daring and go make one!

  4. They look great :) A huge one would look fab also (especially some mice living in it :D

  5. Great idea Ira! The pumpkins are great as usual Nikki!

  6. Pumpkins are great, especially these ones, lol!!
    They grow to almost any size with care, so I suppose it depends on how green fingered your witchy gardener is!
    I have a photo of me as a big baby next to a pumpkin bigger than me. They love big rich compost heaps, so can anyone make one of those in mini? :))

  7. Have you made the super big pumpkin?! lol

    Glenda, methinks it could be done...I will have an experiment on a compost heap when I start on my Granny's garden etc.!

    Michelle xxx

  8. These are great Nikki good luck with your sales

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxx

  9. Love the pumpkins Nikki! It just dawned on me seeing these that I need to get prepped for Fall tutorials. Where did this year go any way? Didn't we just have a New Years Eve Party? LOL Time is just flying by!!

    As far as scale goes on the pumpkins, I understand your dilemma. If a super huge pumpkin still had tiny leaves and there was a sign close by that said "Award Winning Giant Pumpkins" then you could get away with larger ones. But I think what you've got there is probably the best way to go since the average pumpkin isn't much more than a couple of feet across.


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