Sunday, 18 July 2010

Nuno Felting.

I'm going to have to hide my bag of wool tops. It keeps calling to me and making me felt, lol. I did work on minis yesterday but by the evening that bag was just too good to ignore!
Here's a nuno felted scarf i made last night. It's meant to be felted onto silk or similar but had to use what i had as my first attempt. I'd have liked the background to be a similar colour to the felt.
I should have also started longer because the scarf is a little too short and too wide.
Plus the felt around the edge is too thick, but at least i know for next time.
Will make loads of these as presents for my mum, mum in law etc for christmas... hope they like scarves!

Heres some tutorials on you tube if you fancy having a go. Ive listed them in sequence. The lady is a wonderful teacher. Think i'm her biggest fan, lol!!!

One extra.


  1. Love the scarf! A fantastic first attempt! One can never have too many...great on any simple black outfit or coat. I love felting but it seems I never have the time to do it. I save all the wool from my sheep each year with the intention to dye it and felt with it. It hasn't happenend yet.

  2. PS: thanks for the links, love them!

  3. Hi Josje. If i had sheep, i'd be felting them lol in the field. I cant rsist wetting wool and rubbing. Poor sheep they would be. I'd be out there dyeing them and adding extra fibres... oh lol.
    Maybe put aside a day to dye the wool and then when done its too irrisistable to ignore and you'd get some felting done.
    Glad you like the link, the lady is amazing.
    Nikki xxx

  4. I think its great youve found something that gives you so much pleasure and enthusiasm Nikki. Im sure its better to do something you have the urge and 'want' to do rather than make yourself HAVE to make minis if your not in the mood. It must be difficult if you need some money from mini making if your not in the mood but Im sure you can find some less time consuming, less demanding minis to make that will still sell well on Etsy just to keep you going. Maybe some sewing baskets , or books, things you dont have to shell out lots on the materials for or take too long over? Love and Hugs, hope your keeping well and taking care of yourself! Kate xxx

  5. I Love the scarf Nikki and all the Ruffles, I like the cream/white in the middle it really makes all the other colours

  6. Nikki, I am so impressed with your scarf, it's beautiful. I'm sure your family will be over the moon with their christmas presents. Sometimes it is good to have a change, especially if your creativity is on a go slow. Been there, infact think I still am there!!!!LOL Love Jainxx

  7. Glad you all like the scarf... cant wait to make more. Making another this evening!!!

    Every day i try to make minis and get out what i feel i should work on, but i just cant seem to work on them at the moment no matter how much i try. Really need to get to grips with this and get some sort of system going.
    Will list a few things in a few days though, and maybe that will inspire me.

  8. What a pretty scarf! Beautiful colours! Can't wait to see your next one Nikki!:D

  9. Stunning! You should start selling these Nikki. Thanks for the links too.

  10. I love the scarf and I am sure they will be loved presents too! I love the whole look of the felting, I don't think I'd be any good at it, and if I were I don't have the time. :o(

    We all need a break and with anything creative you do need to rest from it. I think you should diversify and start selling something like your scarves or bags! It would give you a break from mini making and you'd earn some money too! :o))

    I hope you are taking care of yourself!
    Michelle xxx


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