Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Photos ready... phew!

Not being that great at taking photos it's taken me the best part of the day to take these. It's a lovely sunny day here and normally when so i never have problems.
Last week it was my leg causing problems and this week its my neck, that always chooses to play up in the warmer months... really weird that!
Anyway hubs has made me lie down in bed but i sneaked the laptop up and have it propped on pillows. I'm lost without it. I think he's glad to be rid of me because i won't be moaning all the way through the football match he's watching.

Not much really to go on etsy. I need to work on spending more time at my desk, lol.

Rejects/Seconds Potion Bottles. Im not happy with the finish of this set, some of the tops have not been added on straight, some have dirty marks in the clay, and some the paint finish is not quite right.

Potion bottles!

Book Stand. I'm selling this as a kit to complete at home. Comes with leather for a book cover, a plant pot and tiny potion bottles to hang from the branches.

Table Book Stand. Im selling this as a kit for whoever buys it to complete. It comes with leather for a book, a plant pot and some tiny potion bottles to hang from the branches, The pot fits well into the branches which can be manipulated and shaped as you choose.

Pumpkin bottles. I can't make the true colours show on these. The colour is lighter at the top of these blending down to a deep orange at the bottom.

Dragon hat!

A to C Pumpkns.

He's my fave pumpkin ever. Bad photo day for me today, i cant make his colours show too well.

The brooms! My friend Debie from piskies and poppets gave the idea to me. She always thinks up good stuff!


  1. Nikki, your work is FANTASTIC!!! I love those potion bottles! And I think I love those little pumpkins best of all - Great faces!

  2. I love your favourite pumkin too...great face! and the dragon Hat is superb!!
    I guess that Etsy will be very busy tonight...

  3. That pumpkin was like a sleeping beauty!He looks so peaceful.
    the brooms was pretty cool!

  4. Nikki its not your spelling you need to worry about, its your spelling..LOL
    Nikki the sleepy pumpkin looks like someone has put something nasty under his nose and its turned up in disgust. Love the expression on his face. But I also love that table top book stand. xxx

  5. Ooh, do i have bad spelling again today, lol.
    Its pretty hard to type on your back you know.
    Ive corrected those i can see... i think.

    Thank you all for your nice comments.

  6. Talking of being on my back. Hubs was talking to Nialls friend outside the bedroom door and he said to him, make sure you dont tell your mum that Nialls mum works from bed. Whats he like. Luckily the child is only 11 and was looking in total wonder as to what he was on about, lol

  7. And you wrote it's not much?? Love all minis for todays Etsy! Knowing me I won't be lucky to buy anything but they all are just fab! Still the book stand is my fav! Love the idea of adding all these laboratory bottels to the branches!
    Get better soon!

  8. I am waiting patiently for the shop to between working on my chair....which is giving me a pain in my neck, too!


  9. They all look great. The pumpkin who looks mostly human reminds me of a combination of Kenneth Williams and Rowan Atkinson! lol

    I love the new idea about allow one to finish a piece...great idea. :o))

    Michelle xxx

  10. Everything looks just wonderful. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. Thanks Nikki, those brooms are great.

    Good luck Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hope you feel better soon, great creations love that little pumpkin he has a lovely face.Michelle thats so funny I was thinking the same about Rowan Atkinson ha ha!

  13. Oh he does look like Rowan doesn't he. I had a picture of my sister Bernadette in my head as i mad him. I really tried to make him a girl.
    I have a photo of her where she looks like him, lol although with a more pointy nose. Luckily she doesn't read my blog... i hope!

    My neck is a lot better now and i'm up again. Just a couple of hours rest (sometimes, but not often days) puts it back good as new. I was at my desk too long yesterday and the computer taking pics today. I'd be ok if i didn't make minis, lol.

    Thank you to all those who purchased from me this evening... can eat again, lol!

  14. I missed the bit about your knee and neck! What am I like! I do hope both improve soon, although I know you suffer with your knees. Your hubby's comment about working from bed made me laugh! lol ;oP

    So glad food is on the table again! lol :o)

    Michelle xxx

  15. I love your favorite pumpkin. The facial expression is so perfect. It has lots of character.

  16. He's got to be my favorite pumpkin, too! And I love all of the potion bottles--can't see the flaws you are seeing! And the brooms are to die for!


  17. Everything looked amazing and Id say thats loads to list on Etsy! I missed out on it all, didnt get in til late from Emilys college exhibition and meal so only saw what had sold :-( Hope you make some more of such treats soon! Love Kate xxx

  18. Man! You sold almost everything. By the time I got up this morning, there were only three pieces left. I was so hoping for a glow in the dark broom. I will be waiting to pounce when you make more! Great work!

    Hugs, Casey

  19. Love that pumpkin lmao.

    I think the book trees are such a cool idea too. Great thinking to let people finish them off how they want.

  20. I love what you did with the pumpkins- so cute


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