Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Great finds!

While looking for ideas i stumbled upon this site today. Absolutely amazing is all i can say but very much out of my reach price wise. The miniatures are beautiful and perfectly made. At first i didn't realise these were miniature because of all the ever so fine detailing. I can't face going back there and looking again... it's just too much not being able to buy it all up.
Check this one out. I love it so much... everything!

Look at this Hammered Copper Soup Pot. Is it really miniature!

Heres the link:

Other Mini's

Smiling green man. There are others on this site too. Would look great stuck to a door and painted to match the wood. Walls too!

St Francis Statue - Would be great for a church. There are also some other equally great statues on this site.

Fantastic Papier Mache site with tutorials and some beautiful art galleries.


  1. I have admired Getzan's miniatures from afar for a very long time . . . I would love a couple of those chandeliers for my antique shop . . . .ah, I will continue to dream!

    St. Francis would also look nice in a garden setting. We have one in our backyard :)


  2. Thank you for the links and compliments for your floor: it's really beautiful Rosanna

  3. Great links Nikki. I had a good look at your other posts today. Wow you dont half have some plant pots now. I hope all your KDF prep is going ok.
    Debie xxxxx

  4. Hi Nikki,

    I've seen some of this fabulous work before, only I can't think where! Many items on my wants list! lol I have 2 little Greenman...I have the one you have pictured and one other, I plan to have them on the walls of Hogwarts. :o))

    I see your little sink has sold on Etsy! That's such good news!:o)

    Michelle xxx

  5. I have a green man in a slightly different style - it's going to be embedded in a paperclay wall above a door. Glenda

  6. Fabulous links Nikki. I looked through all the side links on the first site you gave. Did you see the table and Chairs shaped like trees? Fabulous.
    I quite fancy having a go at making some Green Men, I have a few full sized ones for my garden. The paper mache link looks interesting. xxx

  7. Look at you as the Hatter!!!!!! Love it!

    My goodness, these miniatures just make my eyes water! I can't imagine what they must go through to make such small works...and so beautifully detailed!! Your pieces amaze me Nikki and thanks for sharing these as well. (I would go blind attempting this...not to mention the frustration.)

    Have a great week!

  8. I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to play along.

  9. I like very much tha thinks in copper for th kitchen and tks for the links. Best wishes

  10. Thanks for posting that site. I am always amazed how anything can be made into miniature, even something as inticate as a copper pot can look real.


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