Monday, 18 January 2010

Two Tables for Etsy

The light was fading while taking these photos, so will take two seperate final photos tomorrow morning when the light is good.
Plus i need to fill the two glass jars on the right hand corner of each table.

I will be listing both of these on etsy tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 8.30pm UK time.
In a few weeks i will be listing a varied amount of small miniatures like potions, potion boards, sweets and candly, crates and baskets etc.

Here's my etsy link.

All of the potting tables i have made in the last few weeks i am not sure if i can class as One Of A kind or not. No two are the same and they each have a different layout, but they do contain many of the same plants and pots. Each table has a different colour stain too. Can this be classed as OOAK. Any advice welcome!

Nikki xxx


  1. Love the tables Nikki. Want to see some more pictures. Where's the finished Bed?

  2. Geesh....I made a rather lengthy comment that seems to have disappeared...

    Not going to repeat everything but yes...I do think these two tables qualify for OOAK status because while they contain some of the same elements, each is uniquely different from the other.

  3. Ditto Tabitha and Nikki. They are wonderful Nikki I am sure they will go really quickly.
    Debie xxx

  4. Me encantan todos tus trabajos!!!!!!!!!!y estos a pesar de parecer iguales no lo son y por lo tanto si que son OOAK, felicidades.besitos ascension

  5. they are ooak, because all is hand made, so there are differences, perhaps not right to be seen in a flash, but if you look closer and longer you will see.
    it look lovely btw and how did the tile work out?
    love, Andrea

  6. You are such a talented artisted.Love your work

  7. I love the colours Nikki, such an array of different tones and thats what makes them so wonderful, as most plant tables can be quite green and bland but your are always so eclectic and colourful, just love them both, good luck with them, Kate

  8. They look fantastic and I agree with the other comments re OOAK. You have great skill and imagination.

  9. Love the tables, they are so pretty and different.
    Of course they are OOAK

  10. Better late than never! ;o)

    Fabulous work as always! Wonderful array of colours and textures and the tables are packed full and different from other tables you have made previously. I would consider them OOAK, as even a subtle difference makes an item unique. :o)
    Michelle xxxx

  11. Lovely tables Nikki! I bet they go fast! hugs, ara


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