Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gifts From Eva and Chimineas.

Yesterday i promised i would show the gifts from Eva at
These arrived from Spain almost two weeks ago and feel awful i have not shown them sooner.
Here is what Eva made for me.

All of these will go in the witches house when i finally get round to working on it again. The cute mushroom board will be in the garden near the witches wood chopping shed. The bubbling cauldron will also be in the garden. And the hand next to the bed.
I love the wooden branch slices and will use the small ones for stepping stones and the larger ones as potion boards. Ive looked everywhere for these slices so really pleased Eva thought of me.
The little acorn tyoe caps are beautiful and love the colours inside them and the outside pattern. Not sure if they are from an acorn, but if you love fairie houses perhaps Spain would be a good place to look for more unsusual natural materials. They are just so much prettier. Will use these ones as pumpkin soup bowls served on the wooden slices with bread and butter and garden herbs.
Here's the bubbling cauldron with the fab dragon tail hanging out. Love it!

And the too cute mushroom board. Really love how Eva has put this all together.

Love these wood slices!
Eva also sent me a spanish cake, but i still need to take the photo of this. I will pop back later and put the picture here. Its delicious too!
Thank you Eva for these gifts and for also becoming a wonderful friend.
Eva blogged yesterday about how nice it is here in blogland and how kind, thoughtful and generous everyone can be. I have to totally aggree with this. I tend to waffle on quite a lot but always feel comfortable here unlike other forums and social networks.
Last summer i was told to get a life by a not so nice person. At the time i thought god maybe i am dull blogging and showing so much interest in blogland. But those thoughts didn't last long the next time i signed in. I love it here, the friends i have found here and all the help and ueful info everywhere i go. A totally great place to be in my view! So that hurtful comment, although still in my head, and many tears at the time always reminds me how much i love to be here.

Onto the chiminieas. Still not finished, and so far ever so hard to take a good photo. I still need to add more coal and brighten it up then add the ashes around the glowing coals. I also need to make the coals glow more and work on the paintwork both in and out a little more. Hopefully tomorrow when im not so busy i can get them finished.

The coal is little black stones covered in fine glitter incase you are wondering. I found them at a show a few years ago, and they really do look wonderful if you could see them. Its hard to pick the glow up on camera.
Although they are glittered already i still need to add more glitter more towards the end of making. If you want to also make little black chips look like coal you could i imagine find something suitable to represent the coal, and then dab here and there once all secured in place with some pva glue. Use almost a dry brush with the glue on and dab lightly so the tiniest amount goes onto each coal. Then sprinkle on the glitter. Once dry you can use a firm brush to rub over the coals to tone it down a little. If it still looks too bright just add a few more tiny bits of coal over these so its not so bright.
Make sure its a really fine glitter though.

Something funny for the day. Brilliant!

Something beautiful beyond words and would love one!

Somewhere wonderful to visit if you're into witches, halloween and spooky. Great for inspiration too. Check out all the artists.

Something i would love but have nowhere to wear them to... the masks that is.

Something to sing along to: Loved Rose and love where the Dr smiles at her in the snow. I know... i'm so sad, lol.


  1. The presents from Eva are wonderful! I love the bubbling cauldron and the mushroom head etc! :o)) I'm sure the cake was delicious too! YUM! lol That was so kind of her too! :o))

    I love the little fires, the coals are so realistic! I used tiny bits of volcanic rock that I found on holiday for coals for one of my fires...hmm that's a bit hard to find in the UK! lol

    I can take an educated guess who said the nasty things to you. :o(( We live in the information age now and we communicate in a whole different way....YOU have moved with the times and have found new friends from far away places and we love you here!! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. hi nikki,can't believe someone said such a horrible thing , i just love your blog and as soon as i come in from work each day the first thing i do is log on and see if you've put anything new on it - my daughter says i stalk you !!!! so many thanks and keep up the good work. maurethe (dublin)

  3. Chimineas are lookin' good, my friend! And Eva's things will look so nice in your witches really need to get back to work on that (look who's talking, hahaha).

    People are so odd, aren't they, when they say things like that. I know I am the world's worst blooger but I read all the ones I follow everyday....and believe me the list is growing. I always look forward to yours.


  4. Beautiful gifts and I love your chimineas, Nikki. I actually like to use both regular and fine red glitter to get nice glowing embers. I love the way the glitter catches the light and makes it look like a real fire.

    In my experience, people who say unkind things like that are either just generally thoughtless or are envious of your talent. Either way, such comments can be ignored but I am so sorry that you were hurt. You have a gift and we here in blogland are so happy that you share with us.

  5. The chimneas are really looking great. That was very sweet of Eva the little mushroom arrangemen is too cute.

    Now as for that very rude comment.. (1) they're the one "wasting time" reading blogs (tee hee) (2) Jealous much? I'm sorry to hear you took that to heart. I'm very much in agreement about all the wonderful people in blogland and hearing that kind of ticked me off. I love to see your new creations and thanks for taking the time out to share :D

    Mini Hugs, April

  6. Iy ia amazing how the coal looks...
    You know, there are awful people in all places with empty lives without nothing better to do that disturb. Do not worry!!
    Your pictures are better than mine...LOL
    Un beso

  7. I love those chimineas. When I was looking for coals for my fireplace I used a lot of burnt match heads and sprinked in some tiny red no hole beads. As far as rude people go I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a fascinating person. When I first found this blog, I was not going to follow because I am not into witches and wizards but I found your blog to be so interesting and informative. So I continued to follow and I have found you to be a warm and very caring person whom I admire not only as a person but a talented artist who makes beautiful creations. And Boy if that is not a life to be proud of I don't know what is. I think the person who said that only wishes that she could have a life like yours. You have so many friends and we all love you.

  8. I am still thinking in your post... ;)
    I have to say something more: you are a very generous woman, you always offer your help. And one of the most creative and talented gal in the blogland. I am so soory that someone hurts you because is so easy to love you.
    Thats all my friend ;)
    Más besos

  9. lovely work again and also lovely gift you got,mmm I guess I have a bag of those sliced trees here,mm going to look for you, if you want more of course and look up where I bought them ;)) just let me know.... ;)

    About the hurt, it is a strange thing, 100 people can love your work and just one person can get to you, when they make remarks on you or your work. why is that? is that the curse of being an artist?? beats me, we all suffer from it I guess..
    Try to focus on the 100 good ones among us instead of spilling your time and energy on that 1 person, it is hard I know, but you will get there, I just now it!!

    love and hugs, Andrea

  10. Hello
    Your chiminies look fantastic and Eva´s gifts
    are wonderful too. The person who said such
    a mean thing to you is just envious of your
    life - she probably has a very empty life
    herself, so just forget her and keep on
    with what you are doing and have fun!
    Eva J

  11. Love the chimineas Nikki, the little coals look beautiful !
    Am very envious of your tree slices,they are gorgeous and you could use them in so many ways.
    As for that person, well its true that no matter how many lovely things are said to you its the hurtful things thats stay with you. I have had some things said to me about my dollmaking and miniatures passion that just hang around under the surface for days when confidence is low .
    I know though that theres usually jealousy involved and those so keen to tell others to get a life are usually sadly lacking in their own .
    I love your blog and blogland as a whole. As someone who finds it very hard to open up in public it has always felt a very safe haven for me full of lovely talented like minded people.
    The narrow minded folk making hurtfulcomments dont know what they're missing !
    julie xxx

  12. I love the tree slices too, and think the idea of stepping stones is wonderful.Ill have to try and look them up for the Snow White house. What Eva has done with the cauldron and dragon tail is fab I love it! The chimineas are looking smashing, are they nearly done yet?
    I know what you mean about feeling comfortable here, me too Nikki. We have so called friends who look at me like an absolute anorak when I get all excited about my latest miniature buy or project. And they cant even be polite about it , they always have to make some cutting comment. So , like you , I come to where I feel happy and where I fit in. I get those looks like 'your so sad' ...but stuff them, sad I may be to them but we are happy as pigs in muck here with our blog freinds doing what we all love best!
    Kate and John xx

  13. You have got some lovely goodies there Nikki. Glad to see that you have finally managed to get some little round wooden discs. Yes it is about time you got your finger out and did some work on that house LOL. I will email you back soon. I am just transferring all my stuff off my laptop to my PC.

    Debie xxxxx

  14. I'm someone that takes things that are said to heart very much and have let my confidence get knocked by it a lot, so although I dont know what was said or by who, I understand how you feel. This has made me step back from blogging maybe more than I should, I just wish I had your ability to rise above it all and keep creating the wonderful things that you do, you are a lovely person so just keep doing what you do, cos you always make me smile :o)

  15. P.S I want a pooktre in my garden now too!!! how gorgeous are they?!!! thanx for the link, have now put it in my 'things to buy if I ever win the lottery' bookmarks!

  16. Thank you to all of you for you kind comments and words. When i did this post i mentioned being upset only because i wanted to emphasise how much i like to blog and how much i appreciate everyone here, also how much i get from blogging. The comment that was made to me really upset me for quite some time but i got over it in the end. I have not forgot but what it does is make me appreciate everything more, and the fact i can ignore what was said to me makes me realise this really is a great place to be.
    The comment wasn't from anyone here in blogland or a mini person but a close family member i should have been safe to share with what i do with my minis, and how i expose myself, share ideas and thoughts on here. I cut my ties from that person that day and although that is hard to do because family always draws you back, i decided i'd had too many hurtful comments said over too long a time. Sometimes its what you need to do and focus on everything else that is good, doesn't ever cause you stress, and to just spend my life and time with nice people, both on here and in the real world.
    So thats what i did and although i have to see this person from time to time i dont get involved, not care for their thoughts.
    Much love to you all and see what i mean. Just your comments prove what a nice place this is to spend some time.
    Nikki xxx

  17. doing the things you love to do, living life the way you want it too, is the most hard road to travel, but also the most rewarding even more...

    It is even harder when it is family, but no one knows best what to do, then you do...

    Just believe in yourself, we do...and follow your heart, then it can never be wrong...

    hugs, Andrea


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