Friday, 22 January 2010

Fab site and friendly helpful people!

Yesterday i bought some prosculpt through ebay. Not to sculpt figures but to use for smaller work i plan on selling as a pick and mix section at kensington. Prosculpt has fast become a favourite for use where the tiniest of items need some extra strength, like unicorn horns, mushroom and bones etc. I want to feel safe whatever i sell wont snap at some later point.
Anyway, i orderd translucent white and today Julie phoned to check my order was correct, mostly caused by my message to her not being that clear. Had a lovely chat (i like to talk) and found her to be one of the most helpful people i have come accross.
I don't know a lot about sculpting and mixing clays for strength but she filled me with so much info i'm now confident i can achieve all i imagine making.
I like to advise people myself with the little i know, because sometimes its frsutrating when you dont have the answers and nobody is willing to give away their secrets. I think its good to share and help when you can and totally admire that in people.
Here is Julie's ebay link:
This is the only UK site on ebay that seems to sell prosculpt.

And website: With link to some fab galleries and a prosculpt sales site:
And here is a beautiful Fairy sculpted by Julie:

Plus check out all the fab fairies Julie has created:


  1. It's always nice when you come across with helpful people. Thank you for the links :)
    And that fairy is stunning!!

  2. Gracias por los enlaces y compartir todo lo que aprendes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Las hadas de Julie son una maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  3. they're not the only UK stockist, Ive also bought from another ebayer seller vlc3123b and had really quick delivery and found them to be a few £ cheaper :o)
    but I didnt get any free advice :o(

  4. I've came across julies beautiful work before, very delicate beautiful fairies :0)
    Thanks for the link,I usually buy my prosculpt over seas as it works out cheaper but its good to know a UK supplier if I need more in a hurry
    julie xx

  5. Thanks for the links Nikki. Ditto Wendiekins. and I too have come across ehr lovely fairies.
    Looking forward to see what you make.

    Debie xxxxx

  6. Thanks for the UK ebay link. I have only been able to find US suppliers at a price even for a tiny block!

    Love Dolls House World link too, I normally buy that mag, just not that issue! lol That artisan's work is amazing!!! :o))
    Michelle xxxx

  7. Im thinking of giving Pro Sculpt a try for some plants in the Potter Conservatory, as its so dusable, may have t splash out, looks like it will go a long way, Kate xx

  8. Yes, prosculpt is really good value and goes a long way. The only probalem if you are not using it to make dolls is that it will have to be coloured once baked.
    I like it because it handles much better than other polymers and i like the way it blends and smooths when needed.
    Ive become a bit of a paint the colour item i want, rather than using a clay in the colour needed.
    Kate i hope you like it and let me know how you get on.
    Michelle, i know isnt the artists work out of this world.
    Debie, thank you for sending the magazine link to me, much appreciated.
    Julie, yes, i love Julies fairies too. Glad the link is useful for you.
    Wendie, ive not seen the other seller on ebay.
    Ascencion, I am going to have to translate in a few mins.
    kaleidoskopic, glad the link is useful.

    Nikki xxx off to make cakes, lol... mini ones!

  9. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.
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