Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Winner Is Katie!

Oops... sorry i took my time but the camera went flat and had to quickly give it a little charge.

The answer was Slele-Grow.

I didn't peep, kept my eyes shut tight and out popped Katie from
Hope to hear from you Katie and hope you are having fun this Halloween.
You can get my email from my facebook badge on my sidebar and i will pack your prize up and send Monday/Tuesday recorded delivery.

I will post pictures on Sunday or Monday of the finished prize. Just needs a few finishing touches.



  1. Congratulations to Katie. I know her computer isn't working Nikki, but I have her address if you need it..xx

  2. Yey! Congratulations Katie, I'm sure you'll love it!!
    Michelle :o)

  3. Thanks Debbie.
    I too just read her post and see the comp died a death. Hopefully she will have access to a fiends.
    I'm also really worried about sending with the postal strikes planned again this week. Going to find a new company Monday and go from there.
    I've heard on the news the strike this week will cause total gridlock and so want to stick clear of regular post.
    Hope to hear from Katie.
    Thanks Debbie.
    Nikki xxx

  4. Congrats to Katie! Heard about that postal strike. At least you have options. Well, I guess we have UPS or even FedEx if it comes to that but I've always found our postal service faster and less expensive.

  5. Congrats to Katie!!! Hey... is is too late to change my name to Katie?? Just kidding! I hope the postal strike doesn't get in your way too much.

    Happy Halloween


  6. Congrats to Katie!!! Lucky woaman!! :)

  7. Woohoo well done Katie, had a quick second of elation when I saw the headline, then realised it was Katie not Kate!! I know she will love her gift.
    Thanks for the competition Nikki always fun to do, hope you had a great halloween, Pumpkins still not here, hoping for this week!!
    Kate and John xx

  8. Congrats lukky girl!!
    thank you nikki for this fun game!!
    hugs Marja

  9. Congrats Katie!! Happy Halloween (a bit late) to you Nikki! Hugs - Ara

  10. congrats! It was fun trying to puzzle it out, by searching the books--and then of course reading the books!

    Julie Old Crow

  11. Thank you for all taking part and hope it was fun.

    I will try and do another one at Christmas... maybe a witches stocking for her bed.

    Hopefully Katie will get the comp fixed soon and find out she has won.

    Nikki xxx

  12. Cngratulations to Katie! I hope your Halloween has been fine!

  13. OK! Can I cry now?!?! OMG! I am so freaking happy! I do believe my computer has died...but I have a good friend that has let me use their computer....And what better of a surprise to come back to!!! I still can't believe it! Someone pinch me!!! :) I'm off to email you my addy now:) Thank-you SO much Nikki!!!!!



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