Thursday, 24 September 2009

Making Books And Paper Mini's.

For quite a long time i have tried many times to make mini books and failed. I've looked at tutorials online, asked other mini makers, but never found the answer to making what i wanted.
So yestereday and today i've been really giving books a good go and quite happy with what i've achieved so far. Quite a lot of them have hit the bin but the last 3 stacks have worked and more than happy now.
Now i have the basics i can start thinking up covers more suitable for witches and wizards. The only thing is, good book covering at this scale takes time with all the tiny folds and creases.

Next i moved onto making some halloween gifts and although fiddly they dont take too long. I totally love them and happy with the look.

Then i moved onto making scrolls. Sabiha from recently send a parcel of gifts for Debbie. Inside was a beautiful mini which inspired me to make these.
Included are botanical, anatomy, potion and spell scrolls and quite happy with these too.
Since this time yesterday i've been chopping and sticking like a child, but happy at last i'm mastering working with paper minus the rips and tears that normally happen.


  1. It looks like you have been having great fun, Nikki. They all look great, but my favourite are the books, they look really old and well handled by the mini witches, lol.
    I have some great mini pics that I use for scrolls, they show old writings and maps. They turn out well after the cold tea treatment!! If you want some drop me an email and I will try and send you some over in an attatched file.
    Julia xxx

  2. Everything is magnificent Nikki. Did you buy the spider paper /halloween papers for the pressies and book covers? Ive been trying to find a mini halloween print to make halloween boxes and gift bags for the witches hat shop and cant find any anywhere! Or did you make this up yourself, Im useless with anything photoshop etc!
    The scrolls look fab too, are you leaving them unburnt or making them aged?
    Lovely lovely minis as always
    John and Kate

  3. Perfect as usual! Nikki are you going to sell the botanica on etsy? I'll wait to see if you do. Have great fun.

  4. I love your miniature books Nikki, they look so well 'aged'....beautiful!!

  5. Hi Julia. That would be lovely. Incase you have forgot my email is
    I can not figure out which is yours to send to so once you email me i will also send a file to you of all my images. It's good to share.
    I may send from another address because i tend to have problems sending files from aol. Just look out for nikki in the subject.
    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  6. Hi Kate and John. I spent hours upon hours searching for images then just strteched them out and stuff to fit. I too am pants at photoshop and use paint, lol. Its all my head can cope with.
    I do have another editing thing (forget the name) and dabble in that without much success, lol.
    I will send the images to you. I struggle with sending files from aol so will send a from my yahoo address. Just look out for nikki in the subject.
    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  7. Hi Rosanna. If you email me your address i will send you one as a gift. My email is
    I will also be selling them on etsy hopefully this Sunday.
    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  8. Hi Linda. The photo is not so great but quite happy with them. They look nicer than the picture is showing. I'm never great with paper and everything tends to go wrong but somehow it worked for me this time, lol.
    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  9. OMG Nikki no wonder you have been quiet. You have got a right production line going. Its all great stuff and I love those little books.
    I so need to get my finger out.
    Debie xxxxxx

  10. Hi Debie. Ive done more than whats showing here, much more. I would have had piles of books by now if i'd known at the start the best way to go. Most hit the bin. I also have more presents and similar things half done.
    I need to get myself in gear and always have stock behind me. So sales are still a bit behind. I will soon be ready, oh lol.
    Need to get your finger out, lol!
    Nikki xxx

  11. Love the little presents- the tiny tags are to die for! My fave though is the books- they look wonderful! I like to do bookbinding in normal size, but I have never tried a mini book. If I could just give up the full time job! LOL! Great work Nikki- the scrolls are amazing too. I think you may have mastered the paper!

  12. Thankyou in advance so much Nikki, we just love the spider and green paper you used, in fact they are all great! We have a template for gift bags and really want to make spooky bags so its really kind of you to send the images through,!! If you need a bag template let me know and Ill try and figure out how to send that to you!! Love the flower images you used in the scroll too. Have you tried the open books yet? If you find them easy youll have to let us into the secret cos they take us ages!!! :-) John and Kate x

  13. Those books are fabulous, Nikki! Well, everything is!! Hugs, Marsha

  14. ohhhhh nikki ...
    they are wonderful ..
    and that for the first time
    beautifully made and wonderful books ..
    xx marja

  15. Oh the littel gifts are lovely!
    The books have turned out really great too!
    I loved making books till I had to do it for a book store I got over that real quick but I could be tempted looking at yours to begin again! I luv books in real life I have over 400, all sorts including childrens books which I have a fetish for

  16. Ditto what everyone else has said... I love your books! I usually cover mine only with leather but I like the look of the paper and am going to give it a try. I've looked around and found a bit of high quality scrapebook paper with a print of sorts on either side. Seems like it might work. The scrolls and pressies are fab, as usual.

  17. You have been busy!!! The presents, books and scrolls are great! Every time I come to check out your blog, I end up adding more items to my list of things I want to learn how to do!!! One day. :)

  18. Just a quick hello and a wow love those little parcels :-) very witchy and brilliant x

  19. Hi Nikki,
    First of all thanks for your kind e-mail and comments I am back in the blogsphere now and I think it will go "eventually" better with me!
    :-) thanks for your support during my illness!
    I really love the paper works you did! the books look gourgeous!
    A giant hug from your Belgian Friend!xxx


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