Saturday, 12 September 2009

Debbie's Surprise Gifts and Thank You Everyone

Before i tell you about the surprise just wanted to say i have got myself in a bit of a pickle with names and email adress's. I think i have now emailed you all to say thank you but if i havn missed any of you then i send my apologies. I thought i was keeping good notes, but even my notes are confusing me.

Yesterday i sent Debbie's from Tiny Treasures surprise gifts from all of us. I sent them special next day delivery to make sure they got there quick.
As you all know Debbie has just had a QUADRUPLE Heart Bypass and amazingly she came home on Tuesday much to my shock.
This morning i have been waiting all morning to find out if they arrived on time and at lunch time Debbie phoned. She knew i was sending a parcel but didn't know it was a surprise from all of us. She thought it was just a gift from me arriving.
Before i show you the photos and type some more i just want to say A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR TAKING PART. Many of you i still need to email and thank personally. I was so tired last night i didn't manage all of you and apologise for being so late doing this.
Everyone has been wonderful with their get well wishes and gifts and i know this will be very special for Debbie.
Debbie truly is shocked by all your special gifts and how kind and generous all of you have been. I know she was a little upset because of the gifts but in a good way.
Her husband Mick I'm told kept passing the tissues and Ben was snapping photos of the happy event. She will show these later on her blog.
I have put all your names here and blogs to help Debbie when she is able to thank you all herself. At the moment she is unable to use the computer and is relying on Ben to help out. These will also let you know your parcel is safe with Debbie.
Ben is going to do a blog post for Debbie later with some more photos.
Can you believe that there are still more gifts to arrive from far and wide? I have told Debbie this and when they all arrive i will post the last gifts to her. I am hoping this will happen next week.
Here are the gifts which i wanted to send like a hamper all on display, but because they were all so delicate i wrapped them all up and put in small boxes inside the big box. I am amazed through all the travelling each has done they are all perfect and intact apart from just two. One is a little tiny snail which i am going to fix as good as new for Debbie. It is just a tiny repair and have kept it here to fix. Also Susans Orrery came loose and needs a tiny repair. I have sent this to Debbie so she can fix and she will get in touch with your susan to find out how when she can.

Here is the list so you know your parcel arrived. All of these are with Debbie:

1. Marja at
2. Kat the Hat at
3. Kate and John Whittaker at
4. Julie and hywell at
5 Julie at
6. Nikki Rowe
7. Ara Bentley at
8. Marsha at
9. Susan Wener at
10. Kim Saulter at
11. Deana Tritch at
12. Kim Rousseau at
13. Julie at
14. Christine Verstaete at
15. Kerry at
16. Cate and David at
17. Mags cassidy at
18. Eva at
19. Karin Casper at
20. Sylvia at
21. Laurina at

All of the above gifts have been sent to Debbie.

These are the gifts which have arrived and i will send next week. Once sent and with Debbie I will take photos and post here. It's a shame Debbie knows about the second parcel but they will still be s nice surprise and i know she will look forward to them.

Note to me: * means i have emailed (i have a bad memory even with my note taking, lol).

1. *Ana Anselmo at
2. * Eva at
3. * Linda at
4. * Jonna at
5. * April Wright at
6. * Kathi at
7 * Shannon Conway at
8. * Savannah Kelb at
9. * Debie at
10. * Mercedes at
11. * Kathleen Denny at

Please do not worry if your gift has not yet arrived. We had a postal strike here in the UK last week and i think the post is still a little behind. I know they will arrive soon.

Nikki xxx


  1. Thanks to you for the big work organizing this Nikki!!

  2. What wonderful mini treasures for our Debbie! Thank you so much, Nikki, for doing this. Hugs, Marsha

  3. It feels good to have been able to contribute a little something to a lovely lady that was so welcoming and helpful when I joined blogland!
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity, Nikki.
    Get well soon Debbie we miss you.

  4. Now you have me in tears! So glad it made Debbie's day!!! I'm sure it will help on those days when she feels a little down! And big hugs to you for doing this for her! What an amazing friend you are!!!


  5. Lovely to hear the 'Big Surprise' has arrived safely and it feels lovely to know we have helped cheer Debbie up (after the tears!) Debbie(and yourself, Nikki)always add little comments on my blog and make me feel welcome in Blogland. Its lovely to be able to give something back. Sending a big thankyou to you, Nikki for all your time in organising this :0)
    Julia & Hywel xx

  6. I am really sad that I was not at home. I'd have loved to be part of it but I didn't even know...Nikki, you have been wonderful and all the nice people who joined it.

  7. thank You nikki for the message...
    and thank you voor organising this
    x marja

  8. I'm so glad she enjoyed her package. Thank you, Nikki, for coordinating all of this.

  9. These little gifts are so precious! Mine is on its way. Posted from US on Tuesday 9/8. Hope it arrives soon. Thank you so much Nikki for organizing this and sending these treasures on to Debbie!

  10. Thank you Nikki for all your hard work organising this. It really feels good to be able to take part and I am just so pleased that Debbie has made such a brilliant recovery so far and has now opened her box of wonderful surprises !
    julie xxx

  11. I just discovered this wonderful idea and I would like to participate, even if it comes only in three weeks :)
    Here's my e-mail:

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  13. So good to hear about Debbie, Nikki this was a lovely thing to be part of, thank you


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