Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Blogging, friends, and everything else!

Before i waffle on and on here's a picture of the potting table i finally have ready for etsy this evening. I love it but it got me to thinking about lots of things while trying upon trying to take a good photo. Your brain kind of goes numb when your not great with a camera and so it tends to be the time i think the most. This one took 200+ attempts.

While taking the photos and obviously looking at the potting table it got me onto thinking i have learned so much in such a short space of time, and most of what i have learned has happened since blogging.
I've been making miniatures for 3 years now, and only two of these have been making witch and wizard miniatures. Making what i do came about by total accident. There have been some wonderful people along the way that have urged me on or helped in small and big ways. These are all the people that have influenced me in many ways and without them i would never have even been able to make this table. Without them i wouldn't have got to this point in my learning.
On my sheleves i have numerous how to books and magazines, and there are always online tutorials i can follow, plus scan the net for images.
But it is everyone here in blogland that influence and helps me the most. Even when they are not aware!

First off there is kat the hat. Kat always makes me laugh when she puts HA HA in everywhere. Without Kat i would never have had the little bits such as feathers, plants and mini flowers she has helped me out with along the way. I can never find these items and somehow when most needed she always sends a parcel just at the right time. We must have some kind of witchy magic going on. Without these lovley parcels i wouldnt have made quite of lot of the minis i have done so far.

Then there is Debbie from tiny treasures. She intoduced me to blogging and so everything to follow in a few mins is because of her. She always encourages me and boosts me up and tells me off when i pick every little fault with all i make.
Debbie is also a fantastic friend and is as honest as the day. Once again a tiny treasure in every way.

Leaves and plants have always been something i wanted to make. Watching Jayne from tallulah belle make her beautiful flowers encouraged me to give this a go. I dont really like kits and wanted the freedom of having exactly what i wanted.
From everything Jayne blogs about and all the pictures she shows it kind of gave me an insight into how to go about making my own. My own are basic at the moment and more or less all the same but i wouldn't have even dared try without jayne.

Then there is Debbie from Piskies and Poppets. I'm a bit of a make everything straight and perfectly lined to the point where it's too perfect. Debbie is loose with her work (this is a compliment), and things flow and look more natural when you have the ability to let this happen. I also get this from various other people but i like Debbies style the best.
Debbie makes fantastic faces and hands and how i wish i could too!

Then of course there would have to be Jodi. How i would love to sculpt faces so well and sew like she does. I have to admit i'm ever so envious of this ability.
But what Jodi's work made me do was try, and try to make a figure i did, which resulted in my much treasured Wizard.

There is also Jain from The Giddy Kipper Dolls. I found Jains lovely dolls long before she joined blogland and instantly fell in love with them. How could i not!
I like the freedom she also shows in her work much like Debie from Piskies.
This is also a compliment but i love all the tiny little tatty bits here on there on the hems and the tiniest of little touches just showing beneath things.

How could i leave out Casey and her witch Tessie. Casey is amazing what she gets up to every day and she never fails to astonish me what she will come up with next.
Quite often Casey's blogs give me loads fo ideas for my own work, but i wish i was as fast at the making.

Blogs have also brought many new friends like Susan, Debie, The other Debbie, Lisa, Jayne and so on and so on. A year ago i knew nothing about these people, but throught the use of a screen i'm always taken into their world and i'm always happy to go.

I'm running out of time, but if you look to the sidebar and all the blogs i follow then it is each of these people that help me the most. Most of them i never leave a comment for or even know, but they truelly are amazing people and whenever i need ideas or the enthusiasm to carry on they are always around.
I must also not forget everyone that buys my mini's and especially the whittakers who truly are a lovely couple. I have also picked up a few new customers in the last week, all of which are lovely and also they send me helpful links, ideas and suggestions. Last week all of my sales have really helped me out and i'm ever so thankful people like my work enough to thank me in more ways thatn one.

There are other blogs i follow but have not got them all showing here. You would need to click on my profile to find them. I also follow the blogs of everyone that leaves comments but i could not find the time in a lifetime to comment everywhere.
I always appreciate the time everyone spends commenting. Commenting can be a tricky business... lol.

Yes, i know i've gone all slushy today. I'm just in that kind of mood!


  1. Awww, slushy's allowed! That's a lovely post and I am now gonna have check out these fab blogs you mentioned! Love your potting table, it is really lovely! Fantastic!

  2. Yes, I feel like you with this wonderful world of blogs.
    Wonderful post and also wonderful potting table.
    Nikki, your are a very talented woman full of creativity

  3. Sweetest post ever! I feel the same- so many wonderful people in blogging and so much to learn from them :)

  4. Bless you Nikki. Blogging was one of the best things I have done. I love your things too, I have been told I am loose several times, it comes out in my drawing too. Complement taken as given xxx
    Mini Hugs
    Debie xxxxxx

  5. Nikki your post brought tears to my eyes.. Soppy Mare that I am. I'm so glad I convinced you to blog. I've made so many wonderful friends through blogging. I'm so glad I found you, your a fantastic friend..xxxx

  6. Blogs are the best for finding other people to follow! I have a long list at the side of my blog by doing exactly that! Such wonderful artists that I'm so glad I found!

    Take care
    Midnight Grove

  7. Oh Nikki you are a sweetheart (((((())))))

    Did I really inspire you to make flowers... that is so wonderful. Your plants might be basic but hey, I've been doing this a lot longer...before you know it, if you are so inclined, you'll be able to make Bird of Paradises and all sorts.

    As Jodi just told me...Practice Man, Practice ! :-) Anything you need to know you know you can ask away...I have no secrets.

    And on top of all of this I am very pleased to have found you as a freind too.

    love me xxx

  8. Bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What a lovely thing to say. Now not to be too serious I was making some potion labels today and my dog went running off so I knew he was up to something! Anyway with a bit of encouragement with a dog biscuit turned out he had a label stuck to his nose and guess what it said! SNOTTY STUFF! ha ha ha ha!

  9. Your work is wonderful and I enjoy your inspiring blog as well. I love blogging about my very amateur mini endeavors as well and am enjoying blogging about building Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse. There is a wonderful mini blogging community indeed.


  10. Hola, mi nombre es Jesús y vivo en Madrid, España.
    Admiro su trabajo y su blog por este motivo, creo que su blog, usted se merece este premio.


  11. Nikki, I found many wonderfull new blogs throuhg your post, so thanks for making the list :)! I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I enjoy every time so much. Your work is fantastic and inspiring. Best wishes, Helinä

  12. Sweet, Nikki..really sweet! We all learn so much from each other. That potting table is so cute. When time allows, I'm coming back to check out some of your favorite blogs! Thanks!


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