Thursday, 14 May 2009

Where does the time go? Good intentions, washing mountains, postmen and ink! Mice and Men

Quite a title i know.
Recenlty everyone has been bloging about where the time goes. Well, i think i blink at 9am and with the second blink its 3pm and the kids are coming home.
Today i need to finish a few little boards at the front of the glass tray you can see and should have done this by now. I need to take them to my friend at the kensington show tomorrow. But the postman knocked with a lovely box of ink and so i started staining all the little bottles i made last week.
Plus i should be washing all the clothes and bedding. I had a good start with this and completed and dried 4 loads, then of course the postman knocked with the ink.
I also needed to go and make myself look half human but again the postman knocked with the much awaited ink.
I should also learn to take time out and eat some lunch but again postmen keep knocking and things take up the time i should have to make lunch.
While on the subject of postmen does everyone else always look a state when he or she knocks? I make excuses such as i'm ill hence why i look like a tramp and have bed hair. They must all think i'm a very sick person... lol.
But it's when you have to sign and you can't just put an arm out that your neighbours also get to see you never manage to get dressed. Plus all the mums taking their little ones to school also get to see me in my glory.

Anyway, i have not forgotten about the witches house but i've come a bit unstuck with the roof. I dont really like the tiles i startd with the paperclay and want to find a quicker to construct alternative. The paperclay is a great product but its quite time consuming when you have so many roof tiles to make. So i cant move onto any other stages until the roof is complete. I think i will look for ideas at the kensington show tomorrow
Any ideas are welcom too.

My mouse has been melted by my lamp and somebody has switched around the key settings so i have to right click when its left and left when its right. This could only have been done by a man and just another thing to try and work around without much luck.
Still need a man to switch it back though.

Must dash and try and clean up the ink on my hands and then have an ever so quick bath. Yet still cant blow dry my hair because my husband is sleeping. Messy hair again it is!


  1. Your so funny Nikki!!! Your minis are so beautiful, it makes up for the bed-head!!! Oh~ and I love the new page!! Your witch is so cute!

    I love seeing all your boards, Makes me want a witches house so I have an excuse to have some:) Your bottles are turning out lovely!

    Now for the withces roof...Ever thought about using something natural? Pinecone peices? Or a thatched roof? I think I've scene someone make roof shingles using paper, painted over with sealer before? Can't wait to see whta you do.....I was wondering what happened to it...You were on such a roll!

  2. are you working the paperclay for the roof? Sounds like you are making individual tiles and then gluing...yes? Have you considered rolling a sheet of papperclay, gluing it to the roof and then carving into it? I made an entire castle room that way and it was fast. well, not exactly fast but faster than making and applying each individual tile...


  3. I send you a dear hug Nikki, you´re not alone !

  4. Love those boards Nikki.. Like the one with the little Lizard on it and the Crocodile bag is fab. The Bottles look great Nikki. I've been showing Mary and Ed your creations. Glad the glass balls came in handy..

  5. When the postman knocks I'm usually right out of the tub or about to go in... either way I am in my bathrobe.

    Love the boards. Everything looks fantastic! :-)

  6. Hi Katie. I know, i was on a roll and then came unstuck. This happens to me all the time but eventually i see or read something and then move on again. Just not happening this time.
    Casey is helping me out though and may go with her option. But if i see some thatch tomorrow at the kensington show i shall nag and nag the seller into explaining it fully, then buy some.
    Even if i change my mind i can always use it for something else. I have a little bit of the stuff they use for thatch so will run a little test this evening.

    Hi Susan. I've been doing what you say and also what another lady told me to do that made a house called mudy end. Perhaps i am being lazy and want instant results. I think what i'll do is take of the few i have done and start again making them bigger and so not so time consuming. Thanks for the tips.

    Hi Silke. I know, everyone says much the same thing and time is always the issue. Isnt the video you and a few other are showing on their blogs brilliant. I sat watching last night and it's fascinatins isn't it?

    Hi Debbie. The lizard boards are for Doreen and the glass bottles are not finished yet. I need to add hints of worn gold to them yet and also stain lots of the others not showing. Then put nice beads and string on. If i can make corks small enough i'll put them in also.
    I have more balls on their way... lol.

    Hi Minikat. I'm always in my robe regardless of being in the bath or cooking tea... lol.
    I think its because i can and nobody really cares. I'm now dressed though... lol

  7. Hi Nikki, wow have you been busy!! we LOVE the lizard boards, absolutly wonderful idea, are you going to make more of those ??? everything looks perfect as always, love the chicken coup.
    Read an article in a mag the other day where a lady ran out of thatch and as it is so expensive cut up old beach mats, nice cheap alternative!
    have a great time at the show tomorrow, I wish i could go, have spent the last 2 days in hospital , problems with Johns vein again, but home now and cant desert him and leave him with all the noisy kids, or id be there in a shot!!! Buy lots of goodies, cant wait to hear the show report from you. Have a better time of it than last time!
    Kate and John xx

  8. Hi Kate and John. I hope John is better soon and up and about again. I didnt know he wasnt well at the moment. Send him my best wishes.
    I will be on the look out for something for the roof tomorrow. I think i will go with Caseys idea and use wooden shingles, but not sure yet.
    I so want to get this house moved along and get those beautiful flowers in place, the pond, the sunflowers and the ghostly tree.
    More hours are needed in the day!
    The lizard boards are for my friend Doreen. I'm sure if you email her she would be happy to sell them. She gave me all the things for the board so i cant sell them myself.
    I've been on the lookout for tiny little lizards like this but as yet not found any. They are plastic and i've painted and coloured tem up a little. I know tis cheating but those tiny little legs are not something i'd want to make.
    Best wises to John again and hope you also have some peace with all your running around.

    Nikki x

  9. I'm said something about making cork small enough....I use polymer clay for cork, just roll out a small ball~ and poke it lots with a tooth pick...then bake it, I bet you could use paperclay for the same thing?!

    ...and one more question...are they bottles your making shiny?? They look like they have a matte finish to them, just wondering what they might look like if they were shiny, it might brink out the pigments in the ink more?? And I think you should sell everything you make. You need to have more faith in yourself Nikki! You're so talented!!!

  10. Hi Katie. They are a little shiny and i was wondering myself if i should varnish them.
    Then i thought maybe i shouldnt because it would make them look too clean and not dullish like dirty glass and ceramics can be.
    What a problem... oh lol.
    Maybe i should use a low shine varnish? I really dont know.
    I know i always sound like i'm not confident with some of my work. I should have been a critic because i love to find faults and will pick at them all day.
    I think its good to sometimes be like this because it makes you always want to improve rather than just staying at the same level all the time.
    Quite oftem when i look at pictures of older work i cringe and see even more faults. What i thought was once my best ever becomes something i dont like at all.
    Thank you for the idea with the cork too and i will give it a go.

    Nikki x

  11. Looks like you're a busy busy .... busy busy... busy woman!!! Everything looks great! I still can't get over how perfect your work is. I love seeing it - keep it up!!! -Ara

  12. Olá!
    Gostaria que soubesse que admiro muito seu trabalho; além de perfeitos, são inspiradores!!!
    Parabéns pelo seu talento!


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