Sunday, 19 April 2009

Tree - Witch House

Here's the tree now with a first coat of paint. Nothing much going on really but thought you would like to see. I've been busy most of the weekend so not much mini work happening at the moment. The tree will not have any further painting done until the rest of the house is complete, the floor had been put in and the ground around the house is almost complete.


  1. He's looking good Nikki. I'm still laughing about our conversation today regarding the Fish Tank..PMSL x

  2. That still is the coolest tree I've ever seen, I loove it!
    Kaerie Faerie

  3. I can't wait to see the house completed!

  4. I love the expression of his face. I love to see your sculptures...Really fantastic

  5. He's brilliant! Great facial features too! :-)

  6. Hi, I love his expression!!!!!, just fantastic!!!!!!!, great job!!

  7. I love your work, Nikki - that face is fantastic.

  8. I love his eyes! Very nice!!!!

  9. The tree looks great. Is this paperclay too? Over wire?

  10. Hi Never enough time. Yes, i made the tree with wire first which i covered with some cheap clay at the base. Then when i used mod roc on the house i wrapped some of this around the base. When all that was dry i covered the base and part up the stems with paper clay so it was all smooth.
    When that was try i started to make the face with paperclay and rolled out thin sheets of the clay which i applied over the tree and made all the bark texture. This was all blended into the face.
    Hi Kim. I havnt made the eyes. I'll have to ask permission from the person that made the eyes before i can say who did, but she is very well known for canes.
    Hi Sabiha. Thank you, glad you appreciate him so far.
    Hi Mags Cassidy. Glad you like my work and thank you for the sweet coment.
    Hi Moti. I too love the face but need to add a bit of extra clay around the eyes to make them look a little droopy.
    Hi MinKat. Glad yu like him too.
    Hi Samaiya. I can't wait for it to be finished either but sadly should get on with some real work this week, so having a little break from the house. I shall work on it at weekends from now on.
    Ji Eva. Thank you so much Eva. Glad you like him.
    Hi Kaerie Fairie. I love you work too. If you are reading this check out the fab fairies. Thanks for the sweet comment.
    Debbie. What can i say... lol.
    Hi Judy C. Thanks for the wonderful comment.
    Nikki x

  11. Ooo I love that tree! It looks great already, I will certainly try this some day!
    * marlies

  12. He is looking fab. Love his eyes so real! xx

  13. Oh perfect...just perfect. This house is going to be FAB !


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