Friday, 10 April 2009

Sometimes falling of your chair is the right reaction!

Well, I'm in shock! Just look at these fab figures and beautiful work.
Recently i sold some of my miniatures to a lovely lady called Lisa from Utah. Lisa is one of those lovely customers that you just seem to get on with, and so far we have sent each other a few emails regarding our work. All of my customers are equally as lovely but now and again you start to form a friendship with the odd few.
This evening Lisa sent these pictures, and with her permission she has allowed me to show them here. They are all one of a kind and in various scales and I'm so in love with them. In particular look at the lovely old couple sitting together. Lisa's husband Gil helped to make the mans face, and together they have really captured some soul and true spirit in their faces.
Lisa does all of this as one of her many hobbies, but at the moment is unable to make anything because she has had an operation on her arm. Hopefully this will be much better soon and she can get back to what she is clearly fantastic at.
Lisa keeps everything for her own personal private collection and this is the first time her work has been shown.
Hopefully with a little encouragement we can all get to meet Lisa here in blog land.
Lisa, you must! Ask your son to help you set it all up, and then we are all here to help when you get stuck.


  1. Thank you Nikki for your kind words I appreciate your opinion of my work. I think yours is the coolest I have ever seen!! Your sincere kindness and friendship mean alot to me. Lets hope I am up and working on fun projects ASAP. I am going mad just sitting here. Lisa in Utah.

  2. I just figured out how to sign in with my info instead of anonymous. Maybe a blog is in my future. Lisa

  3. Dear Nikki, it´s great you showed us this fabulous works !! And welcome to Lisa here in Blogland ! I send you my faiyr best wishes to get well asap again !

  4. Oh Lisa I love your Couple in the top photograph. Yes you must start a blog and share the rest of your creations with us.. We will all help you if you get stuck.
    Hope your arm heals quickly and look forward to seeing you in Blog land..
    Also Thank you for allowing Nikki to share your photographs with us...

  5. Mr. Tophat is just wonderful. Of course they all are super. Thanks for sharing.

  6. The couple are amazing. Thanks for sharing Nikki.

    Wonderful Lisa...hope your arm gets better soon.

    Happy Easter !

  7. Thanks for sharing these photos! To Lisa in Utah, hope you heal quickly. From one Utahn to another....

  8. amazing job!!!!!!!!!!,


  9. What a great little couple sitting on the bench... very charming. As is the the door ornament... May your arm be all mended soon and may you be back to sculpting ...



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