Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Pictures for Silke.

Just a few pictures for Silke to have a nose at my witches shop. It still needs work on the outside with weeds and moss, shop sign and things like that, plus a nice wooden edging around the paving. One day i will get back to working on this.
The greens and brown tones are not showing too well. Bad photo day when these were taken.


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you sooooooooo much !! I was soooooooooo nosy !!! This shop looks allready phantastic ! althought it´s empty ! The painting on this house is phenomenal Nikki ! I will now have an eye on this and watch out how you will go on ...when you´re back in the right mood for it ;o) Thank you ,thank you ,thank you ! Hugs, Silke

  2. I love this shop, its going to be so cool! Cant wait to see you do more on your own projects Nikki, must be hard to do all you want to do when you are busy working too, and WELL DONE on all your miniature sales last week, the things went really well didnt they, cos they were so brill! Kate and john xx

  3. Thanks Silke, Kate and John. It's much nicer in the real and will try and take some better pictures when i can.
    Off out now for a birthday tea for my husbands mum. I lurve the cake!
    Nikki x

  4. Wonderful. I am excited to see your progress.

  5. I love this shop Nikki. It will look brilliant once its filled.

  6. Thanks Debbie and Judy C. I too can't wait to find the time to start the filling up.
    The wonderful easter holdiays are here, loads of kids are in and out of the house all day and so not getting anything done.

  7. Wow it's looking fab Nikki! What sort of shop is it going to be? By the way just in case I haven't mentioned it but your new work is looking fantastic! I love all the faces you are doing on your work! Really artistic you are far to clever ha ha ha!
    Lol Kat xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S If I forget have a lovely Easter! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.P.S have a look on my blog page to see what I got in the post today :-)


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