Thursday, 16 April 2009

Oh what a mess - Witch House

Today i've added a solid wood base to the house. My lovely husband arrived home with the wooden base today which i've glued the house to and then pinned. I've covered all pins (if i'm honest nails... lol) with paperclay.
Although its hard to see in this bad lighting i've worked on the ground around the house. I've used a terracotta air dry clay to do this because i want to keep the good paperclay for other jobs. At this stage i know it looks a complete and utter mess (so my children tell me), but i know all will be fine once all the paperclay is complete and the first layer of paint goes on. I want the ground to have lots of textures like rock, mud and moss scattered with tiny little flowers, and creeping vines.
I've also started working on the roof tiles and quite pleased with them so far. When the lighting is better and more of the roof is done i'll post better picture, plus show you how i've made them. Cate that follows my blog advised how to do the roof and i reckon there could not be a better way.
I've also altered the pond a little in preparation for the Foxgloves magical Jayne from Talluha Belle has made for me. Please pop over to Jayne's blog and see the wonderful foxgloves that have caused quite a lot of stress for Jayne. I think i couldnt have asked for more!
Will also pop some little pond plants around the pond. I think i will also put 3 of the foxloves under the tree too.
While i'm on the subject of the pond, my friend Doreen sent me some cute little baby alligators today. They really are cute too. They are jointed so i can pose them a little and will fill the pond with them and also pop some in jars. At the moment they are metal and will need to have a coat of paint and a little bit of magic added.
So although it doesn't look like much has been done i've been quite busy.
I think i will have a break from the house for a few days, spend the weekend with my family and perhaps get back to this house of mine next week.


  1. Nikki it is looking amazing. the roof tiles look great so far.

    I have a bunch of that terracotta air dry clay here that I never use but it is so heavy I'd need a mortgage to ship it.

    I bought it to make pots but it was too messy !

  2. Oh Nikki...I saw this and thought of the nicest possible way :-)

  3. Nikki, its going to be brilliant. I just popped over to Jayne's blog to see the Foxgloves. Truly Jayne has the patience of a Saint, they are amazing..

  4. Nikki,
    The landscaping sound like it is going to be wonderful.
    I am anxious to hear how you do the roof tiles.

  5. I still haven't found the mess part. I'm really enjoying watching the progress you're making. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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