Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Chimney - Witch House

Did i mention applying paperclay is quite time consuming? Well, i thought i would be a lot further by this morning but all i managed last night was the chimney, one corner of the house, the rest of the window and the surface for the entire house which needed to be made nice a rough.
I'm busy today with housework and dull domestic chores, but hopefully around 8ish when everyone stops being hungry, thirsty, in need of clothes and the like maybe i'll be able to finish with all the paperclay.
I'd like to make some roof tiles but can't decide how to make these. I don't want to buy anything but wondered if anyone knows of a waste product i can make the tiles with.
Perhaps card would be an idea. Has anyone any info on tiles made from paperclay? I have loads of this and don't mind sitting making thousands of tiles. But would they break easily?
Anyway here's a picture of the chimney.


  1. You may consume time using paperclay but you make it look really appealing.

  2. It is going to be very nice; I'm sorry I cannot be of any help, I have always used thin wood strips. I've never used paperclay in my life. Mini hugs

  3. Looks great Nikki as always your work is fab! Will read you blog later been ages since I have been on PC. Hope you had a lovely Easter got to dash loads of house work, dog needs walking and I am back at work tomorrow boo hiss! Never mind! P.S I have made you a little something will post next week when I get a day off work xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Morning Nikki...

    Looking good!! Paper clay is time sucking...but in the worth it for the effect. As for shingles...perhaps thin cardboard...gessoed and painted?

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday

  5. I love it! Do you apply the paper clay onto the surface and then carve the stone pattern? I have never used paperclay for minis either, but I have made an art doll with it once. I love paper clay!
    I can't wait to see more!

  6. Nikki it looks fantastic...x

  7. Hi Judy C. Oh i do love paperclay. Its such fun!
    Hi Rosanna. You should try paperclay. The possibilities are endless!
    Hi Kat. Can't wait until i'm onto the painting and can bring it to life. Thank you in advance for the gift. I too have the gift i promised you but during my tidy up i put it somewhere safe and need to find it. Promise i will try and find it this week.
    Hi Jodi. I think i will use cardboard and gessoed. Thanks for that. I also agree that paerclay is worth the effort.
    Hi Kim. I roll out the paperclay to a few mm's, then i dab pva glue onto the surface of the house, then apply each stone. Then i use a paint brush and stipple each stone and make little dents with the end of my brush. If you pop over to tallulah belles blog that is one of my followers and go back to an older post she has a little tutorial for paperclay which will be useful.
    Hi Debbie. Glad you like it so far. Got mick to go and get me a solid wooden base so i can move onto the landscaping and make all the rocks and stuff. Although i have a treble layer of the white board as the base it still needs a more solid base. Will put suitably themed wood around this when done and the title of the house. Now to think of the name... lol

  8. Nikki have you considered making the roof tiles from polymer clay? Depending on the style of roof tiles you want that might be the way to go.

    I have no idea if tiles made from paperclay are sturdy. I've only used it on walls before.

    This building is looking fantastic. Can't wait to see what you decide next with it! :-)

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  10. I searched for a tutorial link but I think I'll just explain it here as anything I may've had is lost in the links.
    I rolled out a cord of paperclay; with the width of the cord being the length of the desired roof tile. Then, flatten to your desired thickness. Notch the flattened cord into tiles, being somewhat careful to not notch all the way to the end, so that you can carry together as large a piece as you can. Lay them onto your roof in rows, being sure to lift and bend each tile for character. It's going to be beautiful Nikki!

  11. Hi Cate and David. I think i get what you mean and will go and look at your muddy end to see if i can work it out more.
    As you know i love Muddy End and quite a few others houses i've seen on blogs and for sale and just couldnt resist making my own.
    I think i'll keep this one for myself and then the next one i'll sell and because of my experience with this one will be able to put electrics in the next.
    You must have had such fun making muddy end. I know i'm having a great time thinking everything up.
    Thanks also for all your help.
    Nikki x

  12. Nikki,
    I am enjoying watching the progress of the house. I have never used paperclay and I appreciate showing the steps you are taking. More pictures as you continue please!


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