Tuesday, 10 March 2009

tO tHe MoOn AnD bAcK

Heres a link to a fab new blog called Whittaker's Miniatures. The blog is being created by a husband and wife team called John and Kate.
John had me believing he didnt know one end of a tool from the other. Over time i've grown to believe every word he tells me, but from now on won't be listening to anything he says. If you pop over and have a nose then i'm sure like me you would go to the moon and back again just to have the beautiful houses they are both working on.
Isn't it nice they are working on this together. I'd have to make something based around fishing or cricket to even get the slightest bit of interest from my husband with anything miniature.

FOLLOWING THE FOXGLOVES - You must not forget to pop over and have a look at Jayne's blog from Tallulah Belle and see how the foxgloves are coming along. Jayne has never made these complicated flowers and as far as we can tell neither has any other miniaturist to such a high standard. It's amazing how jayne goes about making even the tiniest of buds in so much detail and the planning and thinking that goes into her wonderful creations. Purely genius!


  1. Hi Nikki, I wish John had made these! The haunted house is by Gerry Welch this was my 40th birthday pressie! It measnt a trip to Devon so I got a weeks holiday out of it too!!
    The other one, we missed out on, on ebay 2 years ago and the guy made another so john grabbed it up for me but i couldnt get any inspiration as to what to do with it, until he had a brainstorm! So nope unfortunatly he cant build houses.......yet. Im still working on him starting my Greenleaf kit, and some bookshelves are underway. When they are done ill post them and see what you think of his woodwork then !! Let me take this oppurtunity to Thankyou Nikki for all your kind help, Ive not been too enthusiastic lately, but I know you and Debbie have been great! And its given me a new motivation now too :-) Looking forward to this new project

  2. Hi Kate. So happy you both now have a blog and lovely houses to look at. Very impressed with them.
    Thanks for your thanks.. lol.
    Glad you now have the motivation to work on the project together and can't wait for more.
    We now have lots of witch and wizard bloggers, so its going to be fun.

  3. I am beginning to think Jayne somehow got a triple dose of patience when it was handed out. She truly is an artist.

    Thank you for sharing the Whittaker's blog!

  4. Hi Mini kat. I agree. I'd have given up by now and cried lots.


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