Saturday, 28 March 2009

Bits and Bobs for ebay.

Thought (lol) it was about time i put some miniatures for sale on ebay. Here's a little peak at some that are ready for tomorrow evening at around 8pm (ish).
I've decided to call the work i do a hobby from now on, because i never get the time to have a good go at just making. By the time i sit at my desk something always happens which prevents me from actually working. If my husband isn't working during the week he natters away and has the worst habbit of just pacing up and down which distracts me. Why he can't pace elsewhere is beyond me! My eldest son Francis then arrives home when he should be at college so he takes up time, then a neighbour knocks etc etc. But the worst is if my drunk neighbour knocks which means no work at all. I've had so much time taken this week with parent evenings for all 3 boys, dentist and optician appoinments, school option evening and stuff like that and now it's Saturday, only half my pictures are ready, the house is a tip and shattered after doing the biggest food shop of my life.
Just hoping the sun is shining tomorrow morning for the rest of my photos.
So now this is my hobby and shall just have to accpet that everyone around me is a pain... lol.


  1. Our favourite too Nikki, great Broom and wizard staff, love the faces. Some great additions there for the Potter house so fingers crossed!

  2. Nikki, Love the staff and the broom is fantastic love it!
    I know what you mean about time! I don't have children like yourself but with working, looking after my husband, the dog, the housework, going back and forth to hospital, and my social life I don't seem to have enough hours in the day ha ha! I also swear more people live in my house than I know about because my mountain of washing never goes down! ha ha! Still I keep managing to still make hats some how! But only because I sweep the rubbish under my matts and hide everything in cupboards ha ha ha ha! I now call my understair cupboard The Cupboard of Doom! As everytime you open it you get attacked by something!


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