Friday, 6 February 2009

Yey.... he has legs!

Don't look too close (quite a mess) but Stir It Up has legs. Shall sand them tomorrow and then paint him all over.
But before i do the coat of paint i've discovered that when you sand paperclay and save the dust you can mix it with water and then stipple it all over to get a nice texture. Not only is it great for the texture but if you have used wire for the fingers it makes the ends nice and rounded and fills in any little faults.
I also need to sort out the toes (he shall have only 3) and make them more detailed. Plus his finger need a little bit of work and the hands made fatter.
He looks like an egg cup... lol!


  1. Oh! Now there will be no stopping him. :) Can't wait to see more updates.

  2. Check out that little dude! Wonderful...I love visiting you and seeing what creative things you are up to!...lOL

  3. Eres la mas creativa que visito, me encanta ver cada nuevo progreso. No pares.


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