Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Thank you Debbie. Making Mandrakes and one that sings... lol!

Debbie sent me a parcel today with a wonderful suprise. Well not one wonderful suprise but two, and when the light is better tomorrow i'll take some proper pictures of what she sent. Ok, one of them is showing here and is the fab mandrake in a pot which i totally love and shall call him.... hmmmmm, just can't decide as yet. Will try and name him by tomorrow. Debbie, he is fantastic and so proud to have him in my own collection. But he's also special because lots of thought and love have gone into his creation and she kept this a total secret from me, so the parcel was like christmas morning as a child. Plus its special because its so nice when people think of you and know exactly what you like/love

Debbie also sent me a Star Gazer plant that she was showing on her blog last week, and if you saw the pictures then justice was not done to these superb imaginative wonders. The details are superb and this will look so nice outside my witches door leading to her magical garden. Will post some pictures of the star gazer plant tomorrow and a better picture of the mandrake showing here.

Anyway, i've studied Debbies mandrake and decide to have a go at my making one. I didnt have the right colour clay so mixed my own, and couldn't get it quite right. The clay started to grow, then grew and grew and so now i have loads of mandrakes to make. Here are 3 of them i've been working on this evening. On the left is the singing mandrake, in the middle is the screaming baby and on the right is slightly annoyed, taking it easy mandrake. I may do some others this evening and try and make the arms be doing something and may even make a smoking one.

Hope you like them so far. Stir it up the self stiring magic cauldron is standing watching and quite annoyed that he's been pushed aside. he can wait for another day because today is for mandrakes and with the amount of clay i have mixed looks like several more days. So on ebay this sunday there will be plenty to choose from if you like them so far. They will be having leaves too and will be nice and dirtied up. I may even have a go at one that been pulled out of a pot with the roots and dirt showing. Or what would be funny is one thats pushing himself out of the pot and trying to escape.

Thank you Debbie. You would not believe how many times i've though about making mandrakes and thought i couldn't but your an inspiration with everything you make and have a go at.


  1. these are really COOL! I like them a lot!

  2. So glad my little Mandrake has been the inspiration you needed to make your own.
    Me thinks I need to think up some more creations! As for a name what about "Monty".

  3. Just had another idea Nikki, what about one holding a wand? You could make some wands as well..

  4. Yey... mandrakes with wands. HOW ABOUT WIZARD HATS TOO... LOL. Oops all upper case there.
    I really do have so much clay made up that i'll be making them for ever.
    Thanks for that Debbie. Making a grumpy old one now. Quite strange... they have a mind of their own and come out all different. Such fun to make because you don't know what will happen.
    I'm siting pulling faces to work out expresions... oh lol.
    Mandrakes are my new favourite thing... better than any drug! Not that i've tried any... lol.

  5. Love Mandrakes, they are great! There are so many dark little corners in that demension, hiding wonderful things, love it!


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