Saturday, 21 February 2009

Present for Kat the Hat.

Here's the Mandrake Twins that i've made for Kat the hat. Kat is always sending me lovely little parcels of feathers and other interesting bits so this is my thank you to her.
I couldn't take a briliant photo today for some reason so they look a little dull. They were also meant to be identical but mandrakes i think have a mind of their own and refuse to be copied, with each one always being unique no matter how hard i try to achieve the opposite. Perhaps they can be non identical twins or best of friends.
Their arms wrap around each other and if they're ever pulled from their pot the two together will make an almighty scream... lol.
Hope Kat likes them and finds a suitable spot in her garden/house/shop
Check out Kats link which will take you to her wonderful work and also if you click on older posts at the bottom of the page you can go back to the hat shop she has been making for the last year. Full of wizard and witches hats, with potions and other wonderful and unusual miniatures.
Coming up - going to show you how to make cauldrons for a witch, wizard or haunted scene. Well, thats if i find the time today.


  1. Kats going to Love her twins. They will be great in her Shop/Garden/House..

  2. You cannot not love them, they look so good pals

  3. Thank you so much I love them! They look like they are singing a jolly song together! I think I might call them 'The Musical Mandrakes brothers'I can imagine them singing to my little Witch to keep her company on a windy day when she cannot ride her broom! lol

  4. Lol. Now thats a good name for them. So glad you like them.


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