Saturday, 21 February 2009

Making a handle for your cauldron

One of my customers has just emailed me asking how to make the handles for cauldrons so here's another mini tutorial.
Cut two bits of wire to your desired length. Think about what shape you would like the handles on either side to be or just copy mine.
In my picture i have glued the handles on with superglue prior to the painting as in my earlier post today. You can use almost any wire and the one i have used is florists. Its a little bit thin so have a think about the thickness of the wire before you make them. I can make these ones thicker by just applying several coats of paint.
I've shown the shape you will need to cut and make next to the pot. The handle shown next to the pot is too big but i've done this so you can see the shape easily.
I would glue the wire handles on before you paint the pot inside and out.

I'm now off to paint the pot, wait for it to dry and then we can move onto the next step of ageing.

After that we shall move onto fillings.


  1. Thank you for this tut, I find it very useful. I'll try to make a big polenta pot for my kitchen

  2. Hi Rosanna.
    Glad its useful for you besides just witch and wizard fans. They are so easy and quite quick to make.
    Nikki x

  3. Looks brilliant Nikki. Watching for the next step.


Thank you for your comment xxx