Sunday, 22 February 2009

At long last!

Yey... at long last we are so near the end. Bet you wish you hadn't started!

Anyway, the next step is to make up little bits of colour with your left over liquid fimo we coloured earlier in the day. Plus a tiny little bit of yellow. I've just done these colours on the paper next to the cauldron.
Start to dab a little bit of each colour here and there. They will all blend into each other and will look better than just one colour of green. Then bake for the last time. Bake for about half an hour now because you need to give the whole pot a good bake through. Remember we filled the pot with fimo earlier and it will be quite thick, hence why the last bake should be long.
Also ignore your husband that endlessly goes on about all the wasted electricity while you left it empty all day with the actual cauldron on your desk. Or your wife for that matter. Both moan lots so just simply ignore while thinking, but not saying you couldn't agree more!

Then give your bubbling mixture a coat of varnish. I would suggest the polymer clay varnishes.
The makers of fimo do a brilliant one called Eberhard Faber Gloss laquer. It's the one with the red lid and will make it nice and shiny. Or you could use their other version which is water soluble and has a blue lid. This will also give a shine but not as high as the red lidded pot.
I can't remember what or why but some varnished react with polymer so its always best to use one specified for the product.

If like me you have made a little bit of a mess on your cauldron with all this painting and baking you can always tidy it up using paint like we did at the start of this tutorial. I'll tidy mine up in the morning and hopefully post some finished pictures tomorrow night... but...
I'm going out for dinner tomorrow with my family so may not get time. Hurray for meals out (and pudding). I so hate cooking and it's lovely to think there shall be no washing up. Then as usual every Sunday night have a fab and filthy rugby kit to wash. I so hate muddy sundays!
Night Night!


  1. It looks so good, so far nikki! Thanks for walking us through it step-by-step. I see it has taken you the better part of the day to write this! Thanks again!!!! Oh....and where would one find those little tiny glass balls???

  2. Thank you so very much Nikki for sharing. It was lovely of you to.
    Blessings and have a wonderful dinner out.

  3. It looks fantastic Nikki. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Katie you can get the balls of the internet. Their correct name is Ballantini, but are normally sold as no hole beads, they come in different sizes.

  4. Hi Katie. Yes, quite a large chunk of the day inbetween washing up and iroing etc at the same time. In reality it wouldn't take that long but with the photos and typing i did start to think oh why on earth did i start this. Must say, was glad when i got to the end.
    It's for my witches garden so i suppose worth the time. Juts have to start the house now... wish i had more time.
    Nikki x

  5. Katie.
    Heres the link for theglass balls|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    Ooops thats quite long isnt it lol, or here is the ladies main page

    Her shop is called morzemore and she's from the states.
    Make sure you check out all the glass balls because she does them in all sizes. Plus she does some other fab things for mini making.


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