Friday, 16 January 2009

At this late hour..

Thank you Debbie for your kind comments earlier. I'm now feeling much better after my long afternoon/evening snooze. Neck is a lot better with just the rest.
I went and had a nose at photobucket this evening and this is my first effort at scrapbooking with a computer. Quite pleased with the result, but for the life of me i'm useless at working out anything that involves a html code, url code and the like, so i've done my best with this image.
I'm always envious of people that have wonderful backgrounds with their ebay listings using images and text that all merge into one, and so hoping with lots of effort i can maybe start doing the same. Now, i'm wondering what would happen if i use this image on ebay so in the min off to do a test run.
Please if you are a computer know it all don't tell me too much about how all this is done. Will only confuse my already stressed head.
Welcome also to Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions who makes wonderful dolls using paper clay and material. I love the frog in one of her postings and in awe of her work. I'm sure you will agree everything she makes is outstanding.

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