Thursday, 11 December 2008

Wow... Managed to place a picture. Thank you Debbie for your advice and can't believe i didnt see that little box for photos.

Well, the picture is showing a lovely little crows feet potion prep board that i sold on ebay recently. It's made from various materials and real feathers (donated my my friend Kat the Hat). Kat gave me the idea for this as a potion jar intended to cast crows feet on others.
I think it belongs to the beauty section of potion making or even a witches dressing table.
This was one of my favourite creations to date and so wanted to show anyone who looks at this blog.

Also thank you to debbie for introducing me to blogspot. I had always looked at blogs and never wanted to create one because i didnt think anyone would bother to look.

Well, i have a little bit of work to do so off to make a coffe and dirty up some mandrake roots.

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  1. I'm so pleased that you've started blogging Nikki. It's nice to give your customers, your blog address as well, so they can keep up with all your wonderful creations.
    I noticed that Katie has already been over to say Hi.
    Really looking forward to reading your blog.
    Mini Hugs..


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